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Unless shown otherwise, bimonthly reviewed are current-time Russian made CDs, BDs, DVDs (no downloads), either local or licensed / original prints of world releases. Videos zone free, dubbed/subtitled in world languages. Label and date credits appear as stated. Original booklet design reproduced with the exception of Universal (Rus) where it’s simplified unless indicted “full”. Titles available as originals  from The Used Corner (Komisionyi) at Purple Legion Record Store (1, Novokuznetskaya ul, Moscow).  Reviewed by: Vladimir Yelbaev with grading from lower E (denoting “yElbaev”)  to highest Oh YEah! 

Preface: Letter to Pres (Obama or the next elect) sir

HERE’s below a nice choice to add to Capitol’s music room cellar and to the americans’ homes. As US diplomats, stationed over RF, are already heeding this column’s advice – Mr President would better arrange for this reviewer too. A status or material support – okay the paid adverts or the site purchase — will do fine sir thank you so much. The name’s been on the Senate Library files since 80s but me was small fry while big fish enjoyed all the support as even a petty hoarder was elevated into the PolyGram Russia head position and an ex-commie into a media magnate, and even my schoolmate ex-buddy is nowadays trafficking with your sir kind benevolence sir. It’s not that I’m whining again, it’s just I had the taste of a big-time decision-maker career so I want it back and I pay back manifold sure enough sir Mr President. See, all we get is the stupid Green Card lottery spamming and unlikely offers from alike plighted Linked-In’s. And when I try striking it up with Kohler Interiors, they slip off the deal to their detriment as there’s no your word behind it sir. I feel something cooks for Russia scenario, and the earthquakes,  tornados and stuff are chasing Mr Pres as well as racial incongruousities (as Afro-Asians’ and  the whites belong differently) are on your back sir even though you weather it all. So indeed, time waits for no one and it won’t wait for you. Me I can balance off your mind, try me once. Read the reviews at least, and check ye reactions.

 The review

DVD / Bluray


Waukegan 2008 concert / 2012 Universal (Rus), 56 min, DVD NTSC 16:9, DTS 5.1.

Oh yeah!

Okay whatever came out in civilized world out there, the Russian fully packaged and properly licensed version has got just one page front inlay and those angular greekish insignia down the back about the rights and stuff. And it’s a local printed DVD with ifpi ID. This enough to get you going for the piece? It warrants that since the dated relic has been just cleared for Russia, and it tastes same terrific. Ringo’s line up is superior with Mssrs Hudson, Dudas, Bissonette, Burr and Har while the trademark cutie back vocals supplied by Cecelia Noel. The most authentic rendition of “Photograph” etc. never attained by All Star Band.   



Seeking Justice / Golodny Krolik Atakuet

A Nicolas Cage picture, 2011 USA/ 2012 CP Digital (Rus), 16:9, 2 disk all-zone BD + DVD

Oh yeah!

Another great action benefiting by the high starring giant and about the only true emotion carrier  of modern day cinema. Indeed, when even caged by the script, Cage succeeds in building suspense and conveying pace naturally. Never a dull moment, said Rod Stewart. Russian translation soundtrack suffers from imbalanced DTS-HD pushing back the original scene entourage but the menu’s nastroiki gets you the English – whereby the format wins points over cheap and fussy downloads currently pushed on the market.     



GEORGE HARRISON “Early Takes, Vol. 1” digipak, Ume/Universal (Rus)
Identical with the original design, the release is strictly collectable, as listening pleasure is dubious of the under-2-minute demo (electrical combo’s too) takes of too well known and loved regular chartbusters. Try seeking out a pirate local compilation done of truly early and rare original 45 rpm’s of His.


POMPEYA “Foursome”  digipak,  Look At Me/Gala (Rus)


The stupid front pic aside, there are credible productions, studios, engineer teams to this and, hey, there’s vague mention of one Chris Hynes and of the proper name on Allmusic which should be good enough for these presumably Asian Russian alumni’s in LA, US. The stuff is extended EP-length electronic vocal synth youth (just undergraduate but smooth) pop, half of it penned in correct (!) English.


GRISHA URGANT “Estrada” triple gatefold digipak, Soyuz


Recorded mixed and pic-stuffed at across US! Definitely this era’s world’s most ambitious package of felt carton, etched and profile cut slipcase, special soft palette, designer stitched booklet and ouch! full size wall pic of His Modesty And More, Urgant Jr. Given the lineup of the likes of Kildei (whiz guitar ex-wrought Moral Codex outfit), the sound is at least bearable – a tad dull – The Smiths’ blast from the past. Songs are the safely within an octave to suit Ugrant’s vocal “powers”. The thick production is  mastermind by status invitees. Lyrics… oh come give me a break… It’s  about socially breaking the glamour celebrity yet more and perhaps  helping along some side business... what, a Spanish restaurant now? ... Moscow’s prestige quarter mansion’s just been commissioned thank you.


ROLLING DTONES “Flowers” 2002 ABKCO remaster / 2012 Universal (Rus)

Oh yeah! 

Scale-down 2 page booklet and a dryish recording quality of the local plant (ID defaced) mark off the timed release of the hippie harbinger – with left channel’s drum mistrack effect on “Please Go Home” and oddly stand-out chorus on “Out Of Time”… to name audiobuff’s few boons.


GUSTAVO DUDAMEL “Discoveries” Deutsche Grammophon / Universal (Rus)


Russian (Stravinsky!) and world (Mahler etc) popsier classics rendered by German, Czech and London symphs carry the razor sharp exactness and vibrant optimism dealt by the Venezuelan conductor’s personality. First timer’s earbud cleaner unlike all heard.


MORTEN HARKET “Out Of My Hands full booklet,  Island / Universal (Rus)


The suicidal falsetto trippings from an ex-aha-yan prompt perhaps another Breivik atrocity and in any case enlighten on Norway’s contemporary tastes in indie pop. His 5th pro-produced by a compatriot. One of Russia’s FM heavy rotations.


KHAKI “Udivitelno Novyi” full booklet, Universal (Rus)


With the Russian recording artists’ curio-produced CD collectors growing world-over, this fresh local debut is well bound to the rarity status in a year (or in 2 years when a new administrative zone’s been set). The influences of Duran Duran and Keane mixed in a rough clumsy bag, Booklet of Russian lyrics and the band’s notes, of all details.


KEANE “Strangeland” full booklet, Island / Universal (Rus)


Somewhat coldplay-ed with added (bass?) guitar (but still the trio?), the glorious inland English property lives off by virtue of Tom Chaplin’s savory resounding vocals and, regrettably, with less contribution from keyboardist Rice-Oxley. No flagship winners here , the songs stick well into a credible AOR product.


VELVET UNDERGROUND   1969 Verve, 2006 PolyGram / 2012 Universal (Rus)


Their 3rd, not at all the claimed Lou Reed’s moody nor nearly-departing-Cale’s but trademark Warhol era album full of hippie-disillusionment antagonisms and NY social slam pre-punker undertones. Sterling’s guitar bare core riffs testify. Great and strong motivated material to see where Franz Ferdinand “borrows” from. Slight digital glare to the sound. Newly revealed primal organ overdrives. Booklet scaled again.


GARBAGE “Not Your Kind Of People” full booklet,  V2/Universal (Rus)


Decidedly above and over any Blondie reaches, for Shirley Manson’s outfit, bass/drum tandem remain the driving base whereupon the noize instrumentation is lavish-jellied to drive home: ain’t no oldfarts but hard-on ground-stayers here. 4 slomo’s excepting, it’s a James Bond theme zenith era revisited. No problem with live presentations of the same, the engineer skills on the gimmicks and all.


POETS OF THE FALL “Temple Of Thought” Insomniac (Fin) / Soyuz (Rus)


Marco’s voice quality is same harsh drunkard’s as Stone Temple Pilots’ ill-fame was (and the current Jack-of-trades narrator on Russian TV is!) so it’s my instantly hateful. The band’s bagged every award that Northern Europe offers – scandalizing the a-ha mannerisms. It’s epic core complete with pathos solos staged against the string barrage which all attenuates the suffering Marco upfront. Drummer seems the one normal minded guy in this crazy batch. The (4th?) album is ersatz conceptual dark.


MODY “Vechno zhit (to live for ever)” digipak, Soyuz (Rus)


Not to be confused with the Brit electronica name. From experience, Bravo’s band guitarist J.Khavtan – like most Russian older rockers – is overly defensive, cocksure of own importance and playing skills that hardly warrant the world’s notice. These new disciples / protégés diligent-duplicate Bravo’s own (and 80s’ shortlived rock’n’roll wave revival) sound, while – given the horn section and the enclosed poster (!) appearance — they cut a strong Menswear / Britpop figure. Vocalists’s queer mouthing the “o” vowel adds to that sense of im-port-ance. Sets you in the mood for an Irish pub skirmish should you visit one in Moscow.


“Limonoff” 2CD Soyuz (Rus) 


From political angst to social commentary and down to bawdy but accusing assaulting and intellectual at any point – the verse-gone-lyrics courtesy Eduard Limonov has here fuelled otherwise mediocre local bands with commitment. Foul language pops up and hurts  real indecent by the end of 2nd disc, but a foreign ear won’t discern. On the contrary, the sales being very selective, a sought rarity status and word-of-the-mouth are expected. The tongue no bar, the stuff is unmatched in the angst pent-up-and-vent content. Anywhere, anytime. The non-compromise message is toying with the ban. Mr Limonov, the writer and politician  long aliased to rock milieu, was the force at the  presidential elections as an applicant-reject, and he rallies well-minded folks turned non-conformist by hostile clan-closed establishment. The sort of folks unwanted, allowed no undertaking, robbed of a slight chance or of penny income and, to add the insult, denied the work permit as immigrants. Trapped, angled and pushed by the glamour buzz,  these “Limonovites” have taken to the “pavement rock” and, of late, to boulevard camping… where they are penalty-ridden. The plight and just a Woodstock era throwback are to be tasted under the Bolshevik-blood-red design of the Limonov-fronted booklet. Various artists’ve been wise assorted: curt punker, liberal improvs, acid core, Celtic styled alt-folk, Zappa-ry pop parody, and even trad retro children choir. Listing Raznye Ludi, Zahar Mai (the amazing folkrock blender), A.Laertsky, (female fronted) 38, Shaggy Train, Klezmer Google Band, Vis Vitalis, Igor Yasnyi – no TV/FM airwave daily “kappum oomtsa” fodder. On the poorer end you got  Bratya Po Razumu (zero energy synth long pushed by a local agent provocateur),  Stas Namin Theatre (by a clan adept) and one filth-filled operatic bravado. For the closer, the 75 y.o. Limonov chants a Red Army march refrain.  


ROXETTE “Travelling”  Capitol / Gala (Rus)


Track 5 set a mid-England folk, finisher being a “Must have Been Love” version -  otherwise,  another strong and alas too recognizable OEM pop from the well-to-do Swedes. Right good-time tuneful, impeccably constructed and growing  songs for big bank moguls and top executives like this couple are. On checking closer, at least one track is live and hard rocking recording, some others presumably older reworks. And all done in the wake of their previous and hi-charting “comeback” – I never noticed “the retreat”, in the first place.


MARILYN MANSON “Born Villain” digipak, Cooking Vinyl / Soyuz (Rus)


The singular case of “exclusive license to Soyuz” phrased on the hard gloss cover is otherwise a regular local plant’s print. The record quality is louder, in-yer-face than usual. Manson, in fact Warner guy, emerged in 90s on the ashes of all former rock idioms, and – rightly said – this is an attempt at rehash recapture. Literally, they shock-rework “So Vain” women lib oldie number. Fear of falling into oblivion underlies the forced overly-riffed mock-industrial sound. Taking themselves seriously, the band fall behind  early classical Alice Cooper who they’ve been judged championing all the way.


NORAH JONES “Little Broken Hearts”  digipak,  Blue Note (EU)


With time passing, the naïve gal eternal gets concerned with grow-up and personal problems. Her mixed racial breed contributes no stability, hence the material of this latest  takes her afloat into the melancholic Blue, way from jazzy folksy solid ground of her debut. Mid-tracks are craft-arranged by producer Burton.


GABIN “The Best of” 2 CD digipak, RNC / Gala (Rus)


Perhaps, an ex-Golden Earring alumni’s 80s’ attempt at odd rhythm overdub on the traditional 30s’ jazz – was artsier, bolder and smarter. But then, against the phoney realities (like US dollar and RF ersatz dissent), these current electronics seem to hold water on a Billy Holiday / Rita Coolidge credible reshuffle. The reference to the French actor celebrity aside, the no-name Italian twosome have produced, no other artist credited!, the music that is analogue, eventful, quite immediate – not exactly live yet, alas — and they have withstood the lure of “work station tools” that compromised Oldfield. All said, the ado on Allmusic.com is overboard.


P.S.  It's been Empire strikes back indeed. The above posted, I was dismissed from my job by SBA Gala Records’ A&R manager S.Makarov. The order was likely leaking from the naughty shadowy Agent Provocateur, furious with the reviews of (the clan artists?) Urgant, Gabin and firstly, Pompeya. The sour-all guy is clan-designated as the university professor (in music journalism) for 6 or so institutions, as personnel and policy commissar on some 11 radio / TV stations and music media, as spokesman jury at number of aired entertainment contests and talk shows, as vested presenter of informal opinion for world’s news services, as realtor resident and joint keeper in UK and Croatia, yes… and, blah-blah-blah, of late as a “so called White Revolution’s” activist lecturer and – ouch! – march organizer. Clan-added these days to Wikipedia, the same was notorious decades back as to move (the clan-signed) David Bowie call off his Russian  tour. The current development calls for something like an international grant so this media could go on in dignity. Obama and the pack turning their  deaf ear again will mean the worse is the better for the local scenario which however serves this reviewer ends just as fine thank you.



 Note: This English section is permanently improved. For added review positions may visit Russian page of the same.


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