Ambassador McFaul’s boon seeker total guide

Понедельник, 30 Январь 2012, 13:31
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Seemingly trendy in town, the pilgrimage to the newly arrived US Ambassador has been categorized by YelbTrib’s expert team. The listing below will help every uneasy hippie/boomer generation remnant if next time an interview occurs. Story filed by Vladimir Yelbaev, the YelbTrib publisher.


Now this is the face I call music

Now this is the face I call music

First thing, every former hippie wants to be a Hinshtein, a deputy commander of all anti/corruption thing by Duma for the simple reason of having everyone under your whim… er, control. It’s kinda disgrace one ain’t yet. One can do anything – and more than a sleazy-lookin’ muddy-talkin’ and trick-phrased bloke of Sharks Of Pen sick TV talkshow’s fame and a hairy paw support — the latter exactly being the favour to get from Sir Help-all envoy. Should that not work with the local setup (for those also want their share of anti-whatever), okay US Senate and TV will do for you fine.


When you got Mr McFaul fixed and focused, ask for: a) a restaurant launched to your credit, b) an Editor position at a big English-tongue newspaper, c) good share of prestige home interior importer. Being all that won’t bug a bit while taking care of your precise ambitions, the dream hi-fi system, the girls, the realty in London, own music production centre and label, the lot. Okay, you may throw in a political party formation plea too should you fancy a public eye but then remember your home address is up for any uniform-wearing avenger with a warrant. Don’t be nearly as smart as Hinshtein, it won’t pay you.


Important. Don’t be fooled by the game of leveling criticism at McFaul The Savior. In fact don’t take any hi-rushed event at a rush. Like the ruble currency exchange rate, those are unpredictable whim of some petty intrigue you better stay ignorant of. The less you know the better chance  you stand to be rid of by just being thrown that little you’ve been naggin’ for. Fate of Stereo-Video mag’s former chief editor, one A.Andreyev, served the proof. Stick to your selfish objectives, grab what’s to be grabbed now. You can always start being benevolent, giving and considering afterwards. From your office up at Manhattan or your nice vintage audio store at King Street, London. Indeed, with so much under your thumb who wants to stay back in our parts? Perhaps, just another McFaul.


Oh and finally the obvious. Of course you can go the way of LinkedIn community’s stream of adverts for positions of career and blah-blah. Having saved, you can graduate a western university alright. But to make a break you have still to be a mystery shtein… or some well-seated Mc. Me and you the reader we are neither. We have been bugged with that hippie idealism and the songs of Uriah Heep and Hollies which texts we held for power too sacred. We – like pal Alvin Lee said – had plans while the world averted. Came new cynics who been listening too much of Coldplay and they raped ‘em all, the Hollies, the Heep, the naivety visions of love and peace. It’s been more absurdly cynical than the survival of the fittest dictum. Now it’s our turn to get due and even along the world’s criteria. We earned it well. Throw open, McFaul, and President Obama too. The fittest are coming to you.

P.S. On second thoughts though, me I would tackle McFaul's chat persona (Twitter, LJ) to return those many favours. Why, I can talk looney to loonies out there.

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