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Пятница, 21 Октябрь 2011, 14:10
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Tivoli Carvoeiro, Portugal. It was against an odd setting that Audiencey Award 2011 finally found Vladimir Yelbaev’s “House Maid The Novel, Chapter One” yesterday at the glorious fly-over one-night function in the picturesque Algarve scenery.

V.Yelbaev handling the Audiencey "bald man in an uncomfy chair"

V.Yelbaev handling the Audiencey "bald man in an uncomfy chair"

 It was a first timer “maiden night” for the newly launched literary section of the award project made famous by the inimitable Conan O’Brien (CNBC, Late Night, N.Y.). With the remark, Larry Egan, Audiencey Awards Int’l, Writer Academy Dpt, turned the Audiencey unmistakable figurine (“a bald man seated in an uncomfortable chair") over to V.Yelbaev, the winner. 

The setting in question emerged sporadically at same late hours while a wired live from Moscow “Soloviev TV battle” was screened, English dubbed, on the hotel parlour’s large TV. The TV political debate involved the libertine writer Veller and the career official Mitvol. Apart from offhand servile remark “This country’s top officials rank over President Obama”, quotes from Nemtsov abounded to the effect of “the party of thieves”, “the State, an overexploited private enterprise inhabited by estranged populace” and more – which, the function’s guests mumbled, tied in with Yelbaev’s own ordeal.

Posing at Tivoli: have fested will show

Posing at Tivoli: have fested will show

A Booker Award (Rus) rep, it was recalled, had actually admitted they’d only grace their own, in-house grown, crop of writers (perhaps, an outsider had to pay heavily). Unions of writers and journalists would ignore Yelbaev’s application or, again, put paid-up-for terms for trade support to move “The House Maid”. Conversely, one big shot consummate politician Nikonov on the Soloviev TV was noticed to brandish a whale of his own new “book” – obviously worth millions to market at given terms.

However, under the Audiencey Award (Writer Academy) auspices, according to Larry Egan, “The House Maid” will now be contracted for 200 page paperback format release to be completed and go on sale worldwide, Russia excepting, in first quarter of 2012.

The storyline, it was revealed at the function, takes up from latterday developments with prestige home interior of mainly British origin since their Russian distributor has gone mass market with petty cheaper decor made affordable to the low budget province. The English penned “House Maid” also compensates for the imaginative Brit-lauded and sales-effective copywriting hitherto abolished by the distributor in the new mundane capacity.     

Conan O'Brien on video address

Conan O'Brien on video address

At the function, address was read from the Award’s patron and mastermind, Conan O’Brien. All of which this reporter won’t attempt to relate with the only exception of precisely the nomination won: The Most Unfinished Unassuming Work Of Art As Produced By A Member Of And Inspired By Late Night’s Oversea TV Audience.

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