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New arrivals await your grab at Purpurny Legion Store, Novokuznetskaya ul, 1 in Moscow. All the reviewer copies are local presses of properly licensed expensive major label releases. These are far superior to the typical pavement and fleamarket sold lot where you come from – at that low prices! Some such releases are notable for special Russian design artwork or fully original booklets of clean print. Those are on sale in Russia only and therefore collectable when taken out to the world. Be guided by YelbTrib competent reviews (and the E / Oh Yeah scale gradings) before you buy.


The news

chChuck Berry, one of rock’n’roll originators and trailblazers who pioneered own persona style in duckwalk and biting guitar solos – will play Moscow this December as part of his world tour. On the road from January 2012, Berry has been patronizing Blueberry Hill venue back at home revisiting there for a number of appearances while the course of the tour covers Latin America and Europe. Whereas the official schedule has been drawn up to the month of November, 2 Russian promoter agencies have secured 2 Moscow dates in December leg. The venue picked is spacious and long revered in both the status, the acoustic and visual convenience. There will be only seated attendance available with no provision for a dance floor, said the promoter. Things might change but the dates are for sure, so advance booking now is strongly advised to the reader. An added reason to book your ticket is due to a trail of groupies who’ve been attending the star’s each and every gig, since January 2012, the tour’s start. Accounts of the Berry experience prevail like that one: We had a show in Washington  and when I returned home it looked like a Tornado touched down. Chuck was having a lot of fun during this show, moving all over the stage. Near the end of the show he «Bunny Hopped» halfway across the stage! The highlights of the evening were “Nadine”, “Johnny B. Goode” and “Let It Rock” and the hilarious verse during “Ding a Ling”!

Alex Kholoptsev and Dalskaya Top Holdings present Chuck Berry in person live, December 14 and 16 at Mir Hall, Tsvetnoy Blvd, 11, bld.2. Booking for the Press only: +7 905 537 8938, tickets for the public better priced at




Fortissimo / Premium (Rus), English original soundtrack switchable regardless of the printed warning


The plausible and seminal documentary on Bob Marley’s life and times prompts that the king owed his entire kingdom to being born and raised unhappy – ridden with huge racial inferiority and bastard’s complex and laying himself over to bridge those gaps. He never actually succeeded, which aspect the chronicle reveals relentlessly. The episode of resisting the teargas attack at Rhodesian concert is dramatic for that matter – and many others are. What’s thrilling, the reggae music sheds off its quality of exotic/detached curio and proves crowd driving and rallying. By same token, one gets to forgive Marley’s own, less than mediocre, vocal, songwriting and arrangement skills. It takes a genius to have produced the effect like that. The Russian soundtrack employs the truly sick services of the most run-of-the-mill and overworked reciters from TV who sound more like a crazed hen.


Rock Of Ages

Warner / CP Distribution (Rus.), Russian dubbed version only


The whopping 132 min. long trip into the world of showbiz (here star-blazed by the authoritative Tom Cruise) is an overstatement and parody, a paranoia at times, but it does one good thing fine. It drives home how damn good American singalong arena AOR rock is. That is – as the reader has to agree – is nowhere near the truth. American sleaze pop ain’t no better but at least the makers left alone the American country and American blues. Cruise contributes delivery perhaps better than the likes of REO Speedwagon that enjoy their share of heavy promotion in the movie’s soundtrack. There are songs that resound and convince but, frankly, a whopping lot of major nonsense US hard rock bands ride that bandwagon into your mind. And wallet. Alas, the Russian voice-over artists are terrific and exact – Tom Cruise, for once, gets represented by the Keanu Reaves impersonator guy which is a boone.  



MY DYING BRIDE “A Map of All Our Failures” Soyuz


Staged in a shabby shack, the cover design photography ties in with the band’s staying morbid worship, and the requiem antics determine the tracks without exception. No radio hits, no hand-me-downs but that nagging heavy and perhaps over-arranged slowburner cut into requisite tracks of slightly ranging tempos. The one-key voice moors ballad upon a murky ballad with not a glimpse of a breather. 2 guitarists contribute orthodox riffing that’s making the ordeal no easier. The band’s story is accursed but fails to teach lessons.   


THRESHOLD “March Of Progress” Soyuz

Oh Yeah!

The British prog outfit is returning in awe with “new old” vocalist to replace the deceased one. This is a whale of a brilliant album, the stuff we have grown accustomed to expect from the band. Great melodies treated with Grand-Funk-meets-Colosseum arrangements that require no less powerful amenities to break out. In fact, the sincerity of it wins over more than Flower Kings ever did. Reviewer wax liberal on the music – hence I need not.     


WITCHCRAFT “Legend” Soyuz


… or better said Witchcraft Mk II to denote the onset of a Swedish doom in this century. They also  reboot the 70s’  Sabbathian heavy metal legacy. Leader M.Pelander has been fueling this project and the mission. His husk-and-silk of the voice combine with finicky riffing by the duo of newly recruited guitarists – alas, to offset foul tongue verse and misplaced social comment. The closer is fittingly  magnificent. 


STEVE VAI “The Story Of Light” Soyuz


Vai’s stint with Frank Zappa was ominous on the guitarist’s subsequent discography, and this umpteenth album is one. Never short of surprises, Vai opens the concept with an address in Russian tongue, a custom translation of own penned Yogic dictum – a revelation onto itself. Next. tracks explore and celebrate Vai’s amazing sliding technique and his instrument’s ready responses. Santana’s and McLaughlin’s mid-career efforts are evoked, albeit of a minor artistry. Vai grips and holds, he leads and enlightens.


BULLET “Full Pull” Soyuz


6-th release  from the Swedish followers of AC/DC is in fact far superior to the latter so far the  epic composition build-up goes, or the urgent delivery – or the metal credibility grade. Whereas the Aussie band was scandalizing the issue, the Swedes are darn serious and fixed on their obvious model pattern – Blackmore’s Deep Purple. The vocalist gets carried away to strike the ceiling in Jackie Wilson kinda hysteria. But even that passes as quite justified.

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