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Среда, 24 Июнь 2015, 2:35
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by Vladimir Yelbaev, the Yelbaev Tribune

Since Anthony Louis' Moscow Tribune English weekly folded, himself vanishing, decades ago — I would've been reading all sort of drag concerning Russia and local affairs, if I were not skirting Independent Media, Expat.ru, Moscow FM in English and in fact every other media, English exports particularly so. However careful in shutting myself to all those,  I occasionally catch a phrase or two showered around — and do I fly furious. My recent case is TripAdvisor.com where my latest devour of Bolshoi has just gained a praise. A quite established local reviewer has been waxing idealistic  about 3 days holidays in Moscow «passing as fast as a Russian troika». «A» troika? Not «The»? Akward aint it? With more pigin like «borsch» (less «t») and almost berserk zeal about every «advice» — the reviewer reads as silly as paid-for trolls on yahoo news column's forum. I can understand the purpose of trading the second-hand Oxford English (standards of Soviet school) to provincial American drawl. It reduces the British metropoly to a Mr Bean ridicule and places Russian English-speakers last to perhaps Bangladeshis. I detest the tongue Sharapova mouths in being approached, all those horrible forced vowels and odd intonations. I can forgive a hispanic and I wonder at President Obama command of exemplary US phrasing but deep rooted American social problem does manifest in their homely language and fonetics. Are we in Russia chased that poor path? Not only in Moscow Times, on Radio or TripAdvisor — we are encouraged to exercise the very ugly phrasing and intonation at work, in business, in formal correspondence, while pursuing careers and presenting thesis — in every social move and step. TV adverts, having replaced CPSU Party Programmes, introduce more ugliness daily — very much like in Orwell's 1984. It's not just a matter of tongue. The TripAdvisor and the Yahoo news comments go to confuse a non-suspecting outsider in the normal world. A certain consumer of the «information» is apt to take Russia for a Brezhnev state of bears walking around in soldier ushankas — like they do in James Bond movies. With a troika ride to have borsch... My writeup in English on Beatlefest earned a vexed local reader's dismissal, a troll type too: «the reporter strives to hit with every word but fails». Exactly. Fail everyone able, and let the dupes rip the fruits... What was the point of this now writeup? Oh yes, this: a foreigner to modern Russia may not daydream about a balalaika troika borsch (t) land of «Someone still loves Boris Yeltsin». Time to  wake up. For a hired Intourist coworker whose business it is to push costly tours to dupes of the world -  same objective... Me I'd only love to work to the best of my capoacity in media like Louis (and Jose Alaniz) once deemed. There's a clear call for that. But I cannot break thru layers of trolls, pigin recruiters, clan stallwarts and the rest. Who have your attention, perhaps. And your taxpayer money, at the end, too. Why, hi-fi producers who have interest in this market, continue to support «the Bad and the Ugly» in local media. For that reason the local «expertise» of hi-fi arrivals is as out of hand or worse, as before. It's of the same inferior standard I've been up against all this time. Good luck... Not yet. I hope this won't be taken for a blah blah for the sake of it like a recent link from a social network led to, recently. Now — good luck.

P.S. Want a sneer? The non-сonjugable term «status quo» got conjugated by a local Vedomosti daily's staff writer (a Moscow Times project) as in «being accused of deliberately altering the status of the quo».  Piginating both Russian and. in process, English lexycon is a form of challenge and a make belief development to the language never called for.  Here's incidentally a parody posted to me by a pal, a retired UN analyst P.Liravrin whose output is being readied for publication:   The teach resumeped a regulatory kontentt, then smartphone-tweeted glee pics to bloggers, discontinued the rhinestone crossovers and proceeded to Tube via the validator. Who the heck could make this out back in 1985? But all said, the «n...» concern ongoing in US is more pertaining to the above than meets the eye... pardon, the ear.

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