Hi Diamond cables: THE test audition

Понедельник, 13 Сентябрь 2010, 21:48
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Russia falls in with Italian audio — was in fact the following report’s starter heading which we changed to the test-relating. By Vladinir Yelbaev, The YelbTrib publisher. Affectionately dedicated to 6moons expert site. News is where The YelfTrib is. Read and act...


Yelbaev Laocoon overpowering The Hi-D Cable

Yelbaev Laocoon overpowering The Hi-D Cable

BROUGHT by Diatonik, a newly launched top notch hi-end distributor, Italian brands — Hi Diamond in cables and Ars Aures, Audiogram in components – have been demonstrating record breaking sales in this category, lately. Hi Diamond, sporting exclusive 4-time copper-baking technology, is of particular appeal to both wealthy and budget-ridden consumer as the latter strives to reach out to yet better music reproduction.

Hi Diamond’s couple of models, Entry interconnect and Black Gold power, have been auditioned by us with view to assess the products’ real world value and in response to local market trend.

We used both on tuneful integrated and pre/main PrimaLuna valve amp based systems, fronted by Cadanz A8 and Denon CD and SACD/DVD-A players respectively, graced with vintage Sansui and Vandersteen 3 speakers. Well, first thing, the nuanced sound of defined planes. The Italian batch laid that out lavishly, when replacing the sets’ current (Nord Ost and what not!) chording. If this here were 6moons and we were rewarded for poking this out – we’d dwell surely longer on the aspect, but hey that’s not the case – hence this much for the first impression break.

In the power cable’s construction, we (again!) did not find the feature that struck us numb in fabulous Perfect Phase Path by Rosbri English Sound. However, Black Gold’s multistrand silverplated conductora, properly isolated and PVC “di-electrified”, do have decent screening and synthy jacketing. In specs, really low 70 pF/m capacitance and perplexing low resistance (8 Ohm/km?! Booklet's misprint — it's per 100 m.) take no account of the US imported plugs employed. Give or take, a purer broken in and a tad mid-thick with dramatic transient and microdynamic content rewarded the ear  immediately up against the said Rosbri sample. Which makes for hypothetic but quite dependable  conclusion about Black Gold musically outstripping the competition – Furutech pricey one included.

The production site’s sleazy pics and publicity brag aside, Hi Diamond ain’t rid of colouration of its own, what with our over-meter long test samples, but it’s the sorta accent you’ll dig tasting! Italy’s previous audio – like Final speakers – was timid and shy of that quality, whereas Hi Diamond celebrates it. This is a hell of a difference.

We mean Italian sound is as much the reality as German, Jap, Chinese (!) and, oh yes, Russian giveaway colourations. And we define it as small-spot and quite flat imaged, plane and depth spaced, quite grounded – that is, conservatively ignoring azimuth. While bass guitar is well imbued with exciting thunder, it normally is confined spacewise with Italian audio – and our test cables but comply. What makes Italian sound dramatic, magnetic, vibrant, transparent and ahead of the pack (when honestly realized) is the highs.

For this matter, the test samples brought out such cymbals that one could almost see the obsessed drummer dash left and right to bid the mad pace on typical UFO rock’n’roll. Well, the excitement was gone together with the vision, when systems switched back to their current cabling. How much of that is due to first impression’s awe is hardly the issue since on the wrong side of the test we got new unbroken-in samples.

Just a note on the interconnect. Entry’s 4VRC conductors are cutely dressed in jacket of hard and well knot material that should prevent skin absorbed signal from hitting back the track. If the sharp pointed and mid-lucid sound is any indication, so it does. Checking this cheapest offering against the ambitious Diamond Small Blue, we switched back to the Entry with yet more respect for the valvy sound quality. Where Small Blue sounds like about any big-time, neutral and power-wielding, transducer, Entry does make music worth craving. It is plain beautiful. Period.

...as to the whiskey glass - that was consumed to celebrate testing. The pine box is actual Black G. casing.

...as to the whiskey glass - that was consumed to celebrate testing. The pine box is actual Black G. casing.

A warning though. The maker has habit of marking direction, and sometimes channel, on one piece in every set of interconnects. Have patience or ask your dealer to aurally/instrumentally finalize the second one. Missmatched polarity may alter the colouration inviting more midbass and cutting on that wonderful cymbal interplay. Again, this speaks about  Hi Diamond’s very  finesse rather than Italian oddity.

Finally on oddity: according to booklet, conductors in the power cable vary in number of individual strands and, further, are knit with two multistrand patches, which hardly makes sense and should be an unhappily phrased spec. We have found no indication of section thickness (gauge) either, which fact – given the overall performance – customer may well ignore.

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