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Unless shown otherwise, bimonthly reviewed are latest official Russian made CDs, BDs, DVDs (no downloads), both local or licensed, as well as imports. Videos — zone free and  dubbed/subtitled. Label copy as stated. Original booklet design almost ubiquitous. Reviewed stuff available from The Used Corner (Komisionyi) at Purple Legion Record Store (1, Novokuznetskaya ul, Moscow).  Reviewed by: Vladimir Yelbaev with grading from lower E (denoting “yElbaev”)  to highest Oh YEah!  Special nods to www.iainmatthews.com and www.6moons.com (we’re together).  

The Intro: It’ll yet take Pres.Obama time to let loose. The lull be well spent, the reader better start collecting the Russian labeled peculiar sounding music media artifacts in earnest. This page serves the purpose exactly. Those stationed outside the boundaries may please contact this reviewer or respective companies for online mail orders of the stuff reviewed. That’s all there is to it unless this page’s visitor is important and specially interested.  


The Review (CD only)


UNISONIC «Unisonic» Edel / Soyuz Music


The case of a somewhat underscoring supergroup, this new German debut of ex-Helloween, Gotthard, Pink Cream 69 alumni is good enough as is but could easily be more. Reference measured, it might be dismissed as formalistic, cold pro, even uninvolved. But track 6 is a clear radio hit, and there’s none of that nag which earmarked Helloween. M.Kiske’s optimistic mentality and strong vocal delivery have nothing to do with his bald scalp appearance. Not bad at all.


BATTLE BEAST “Steel” Nuclear Blast  / Soyuz Music 


Anton Kabanen’s falsetto shrieks and speed guitar fingering could well do alone, and the dame Nitte Valo only stands in the way of this Finnish metal act’s total victory. There’s minimum one great radio hit complete with arena feel and big string arrangement. The band justifies their homeland’s achievement in own grown talent and adoration ado. By the end of every track (and on track 10’s intro) they switch the parody gamut to maximum. Talk about Guns n’ Roses!


GOTTHARD “Firebirth” Nuclear Blast  / Soyuz Music 


There might be a cadaver plan to the death of their glorious former vocalist, but the Australian replacement one is much happier addition compared to Uriah Heep, Nazareth and so many others gone thru changes. No match to “Animal Zoo” standard but the material is good enough and boasts the same gorgeous and pacey quality that saw the band thru the charts and won audiences, in Moscow too.


GRAND MAGUS “The Hunt” Nuclear Blast  / Soyuz Music


Another castle rock exponent, the Swedish power outfit needs commitment to win with their   6th album effort. They conceive a fresh departure on the 7th track but soon fall into same predictable pattern of semi-everything, their own doubts betrayed by JB’s MOR vocal quality. They’ve been switching labels and looking out astray, for that matter.


KAISER CHIEFS «Souvenir: The Singles 2004—2012» Polydor / Universal (Rus)

Oh Yeah!

From visionary psych Mary Jane clogged “Little Shocks” (2011) to the “Love’s Not A Competition” 2007 nonsense, and anything-goes in between, these Leeds post-britpop celebrities reach as far as Blur and just don’t fall as low as Franz Ferdinand. Rightly, all their worth is packed in those career spanning 16 tracks, and you can’t ward off the déjà vu on those harmony vocals – Magic Lanterns, The Assoc’n, the Velvets… But for these hold-ons, the neo mods of today would’ve been hanging in the air. Unwanted.


BAD BALANCE «World Wide» digipack Soyuz


Russian rap band of social comment has been around since 2000 (credited by Allmusic.com as int’l), and here’s their latest generally structured against same lines as US second league stuff culled of web radios and Irma-like no-name electronic concoctions. The trio of typical clad local blokes under typical Afro-Asian immigrant nicks The Sheff, Chill-Will and Al Solo employs typical “sound effex” and sparse stomp to save us, “the savage”, thru their ”culture” which, in case you wondered,  “takes up from times immemorial”. They definitely like the word “feat.” (no matter what) for designating track credits and like to comment on as many things as they can scoop up in one go not forgetting to drive home they’re traveling lot, too. What they’re “forgetting” is how rap was being imposed in these our parts by ideology tycoons. For decades. As Russian national folk music.


TOMMY BOLIN & FRIENDS “Great Gypsy Soul”  Edel / Soyuz Music


Got to disagree with Allmusic on the ethics – the oddball tribute by Steve Lukather, Joe Bonamassa, Derek Trucks, Peter Frampton, Nels Cline, Glenn Hughes and John Scofield does hold water. Many alike projects – like Presley — did not. The overdubs here attenuate or engage the Bolin archival workings head-on as if the wonder guitarist were on location. Scofield’s stint, for once, is exemplary in how a pre-recorded program affects a dub-over artist… and perhaps vise versa. The least the listener suspects is the rapture between the sessions. The Russian edition is rid of the 2nd disc being collectable that way.


MELODY GARDOT “The Absence”  Decca / Universal (Rus)


The name that sounds like another passion of the late Serge Gainsbourg, in fact hides a post-trauma road-accident survivor girl who strangely capitalized on the mishap. The word has it, she developed a hyper sensitivity and a vocal delivery that’s precisely evident on her latest (2nd or 3rd) CD album. Joined by a sessionmen horde and the famed die-hard pros like Paulinho Da Costa and  Peter Erskine, she murmurs as intuitive, immediate and, well, feminine as a modern day jazz diva possibly can. She accompanies herself on piano and co-writes with her supporter producer guitarist Pereira, and the entire project smacks of an ordeal of sorts – which only adds excitement. You never tell – with that saucy blow up of hers diligently reproduced as an inlay in the Russian edition.


 PAUL AND LINDA McCARTNEY “Ram” 1971 MPL, remaster 2012 Concord / Universal (Rus)

Oh Yeah!

The cult and epoch making Macca’s second reveals new textures and sounds now it’s been properly un-blanketed. The original Apple’s softness gone, no annoying digi effects creeped in, alas no bonus tracks thrown in either but the Russian edition, hooray, is a 8 page heavy  paper booklet complete with colour photos. Disc’s design rimmed with Russian “rights” text. Grab one at Purple Legion and ship to your country. Will serve you right, brother.

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    What I wonder at is the benevolence of expat / world visitors as counter to dog reaction of my compatriots on any count. Note: the administration built in by my webmaster requires my attending the posts to make those visible which I do once in a while, so excuse the delay. Good to have you guys here. Advertizers of the world, unite — and follow suit.

  4. Onur пишет: Пятница, 5 Июль 2013, 20:29

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  5. yelbaev пишет: Пятница, 26 Июль 2013, 19:27

    Thank you , Onur. I believe that was ample and enlightening. Can I suggest a better suited story to shift this to? Click here search «King Arthur» and the story on Allans in Britain under Romans — will appear.

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