Meridian speakers ride on in Moscow

Суббота, 29 Сентябрь 2012, 17:59
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Seminal British Meridian 7200. Come audition it in Moscow parlour.

Seminal British Meridian 7200. Come audition it in Moscow parlour.

The one reason why 6moons (the legend of an expert site) has been passing by active digital  speaker brand from UK is that Meridians are perhaps too flawless when properly installed to comment on. Flawless means a digitally clean deliver of that dirty analog original music to your dirty analog human ears. Meridian 7200 speakers have been around for quite some time, they are no news and, by analog standards, no big deal, with bass part split between the two 20 mm cones  to balance an ordinary dome tweeter and a long throw aggressive mid. At least such is the reasoning. What makes the model outstanding and contemporary by any standard is the phase and bass/treble adjustments coupled with  the crossover frequency fix option even using no subwoofer to pick up the rolled off bass. Visiting the newly opened Meridian outlet in Moscow’s central Yakimanka street, I had to accredit yet another plus factor: the keen prowess and sharp mind of the shop’s personnel at strikng the exact positions of the controls. The sound produced was arguably a tad ahead of major int’l installations by Meridian Audio’s road crew and ditching all local Russian hi-end show demonstrations in a gutter.


It’s about true genuine, sincere and touching British audio idiom from decades back. Turning recorded artists instantly British and rebrushing the bland digital as stand-out analog as if it were The Move’s recordings for Regal Zonophone label. It’s the unobtrusive quality of relaxed listen that will always boggle and evade US brightest engineers.


At the time of the test I did not inquire about the actual settings but – going by the logical manual – Meridian speakers’ owner should be about that much well off too. Phase reversing may be handy in an elsewhere unsorted home system, while the “early” crossover rolloffs help to magnify soundstage the style of 50s’ jazz albums.


There are analog tweaks of the mains cable and double-checking the directivity of digital connects to advance yet a better analog performance from the Meridians. The provision of coaxial input on 7200 model makes out for pairing up virtually any digital processor to the speakers’ built-in digi-amp circuit, and I may envisage only a rare incompatibility issue. Otherwise should click. Getting around, I reckon analog-to-digital optical cable converter from credible US store Specialty Audio  should apply to rout in a host of true non-Meridian hi-fi sources, given a little tweak. Same maker is notable for a decent coaxial cable to be used in the setup.    


Analog rules apply, and the mid-driver presence makes for the all-important time-and-place transportation while rendering the actual recording circumstance and nuance meticulously and easily. This original stage recreation is different from a scaled cheaper “bullet shaped” version of the same speaker which as ably and convincingly wears an eerie atmosphere to every program.


Notably, there’s no glare or odd overstated accents as Meridian’s famous  FIFO streaming technology is at work. It’s as fine and powerful as if there were no mediators between the studio and your ear. Alas, there’s always a huge chain of those in real life. Meridian confirms the status that gained them a host of royal titles and awards when digital was arising. Meridian speakers put digital media back where it once belonged – in the lead. Have Meridian, you don’t care for no vinyl renaissance.


What convinces finally, a pair of these digital speakers is all you need to hook up your any system to. It’s so damn pragmatic, economical and fulfilling if you got enough on the bank account. Those were the impressions I bore out of the visit. Those expats who run a millionaire club or keep a vast residence – may turn to the Meridian Moscow parlour both to procure and tune the lot. Diplomats may not waive the taxes of a world delivery to Russia.


Sales of the same are nothin’ to write home – Meridian Moscow has been leaving Tria Distributors in shambles for the better doing A&T and it’s still groping amidst the gloss rag idiosyncrasy in town. Local atavist  “What Hi Fi” and “Stereo & Video” were dismissed by the parlour for their sheer impotency, “AV Salon” looked like an ill-reputed peripheral tool for a shadowy biz clan, while corporate architects’ gloss mags are ridden with poor judgement and shabby journalism. Meridian parlour’s current benefactor, the “Dom Interier” thick gloss rag, has been downed by Burmester hi-end audio from Germany after years of insipid advertising and getting nowhere. “At least architects learnt our name”, says Nikolay Ovchinnikov, head manager at the parlour to justify the pick of media.


Nikolay may well have his point – what with those non sponsored “group test verdicts” gathering: “Speakers are not immediately USB-fied and neither provided with a web browser which makes them useless as stand-alone all-in-one media and so inferior to any Sonos system”. Oligarch occupants of fenced mansions in around Moscow “green belt” area don’t pay up those 100.000 bucks unless it’s laid as solid as If it is, they come over and stuff their fireplace halls and their wife’s kitchens with the speakers, tight.


Oligarchs don’t care for having an ear. They are accustomed to listen thru those of reputed reviewers – but 6moons will never operate from Russia. Oligarchs have their aides to study and trace the reviews. Meantime Russia’s many recruiting agencies and online/press publishers guard against a worthy pro reviewer sneaking into the business or snatching an advertising contract from Meridian. The worst is the better, so runs the business. Which all leaves Meridian employees in Russia to start looking for a new job early indeed. With 6moons silence continued, the wonderful speakers won’t get heard about… okay, this report be an exception.

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