Moscow Hifi show ’13: for a last laugh

Воскресенье, 14 Апрель 2013, 0:03
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Notes by Vladimir Yelbaev, the proverbial urban weirdo


A happy exception to the rule: A&T Trade distributor's systems featuring DALI, Thiel and B&W latest speaker models with accurate tweaking and painstaking tuning. The sound swayed listeners.

A happy exception to the rule: A&T Trade distributor's systems featuring DALI, Thiel and B&W latest speaker models with accurate tweaking and painstaking tuning. The sound swayed listeners.


A sultry face Brit was mumbling about how the Pioneer TAD speakers could not take up a pre but only a power amp output which is ample at 200 watts… was too much for me to bear and I stepped out of the stuffy Aquarium Hotel suite… I couldn’t be bothered to double check the hotel name – Aquarius? The annual hifi hiend show by Moscow’s Midexpo promoter is this time around holding as little water as ever. No I am not gonna revere neither the event nor its mafia “media sponsors”. Nor the world brand producers and advertisers of hifi audio. The reason is beyond being personal – though that as well – ‘cos the damn systems plain don’t sound well. They fail and give up to the surviving vintage units in preserved condition. The new gear sounds brittle and, this way or another, non-linear at all.  It owes heavily to the room draping and wave-split qualities, to the cables and even to the wool worn by a listener. The chase for more open, fast and modern hi res sound continues in the industry, and Russia is still a lucrative market with good sales in dozens if not hundreds of units per year. This however makes for naked transients and a difficult bass which in turn makes the highs shrieky. One could feel comfortable and even intrigued with this sound for a minute or two, hardly three minutes. So this time there were no listeners for consecutive 2 songs – they would be leaving after one. For the next suite which treated them to the same over and over again. Some were getting dizzy and glass eyed walking the lonesome corridors of the hotel’s 6 floor exposition. Me I knew better, what with my 30 yrs of botching in the reviewer profession. The sponsor mag stuff kept locked in their “official only” rooms – no Noels Keywoods meeting the readership. Foreign brand envoys feel outa place on the side of evil, and they betray it by tense face and guarded manners. They seem to give lectures and relax in the canteen but ain’t no business made at this sabbathian.  No eerie ‘cos visitors can’t afford a pair of speakers at 22,000 usd and the sellers, they know those can’t. So let the wheel turn and the companies to burn money on this Russian roulette. I am stubbornly left out and banned from the business so that my sly indie reviewing here may hit the industry harder in the belly. Industry, it’s your choice not mine. It’s you out there at MBQuart, Sony, Matsushita and Musical Fidelity who ditched me and refused me a mere rag to promote your gear. And it’s you who’re in wild throws now not me. Ignore me to your peril. Your families will starve as you will have been fired for non-efficient marketing in Russia.  It won’t do to number the participants and contributors to this show – suppose those are a bln so what! – as Goodness is being missed. You have been dealing in Russia with the businessmen who steel intellectual property and compromise the trade supporting phoney media (I save you the names for legal reasons).   

P.S. «urban weirdo» was the recent attribute to the story contributor on the web's domestic forums dominated heavily by official corporate hifi media payroll trolls. The expert war rages on in Russian press with both sides (me and the corporate) loosing heavily against the disbelieving consumer. 

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  1. Luna пишет: Суббота, 6 Июль 2013, 3:29

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  2. yelbaev пишет: Пятница, 26 Июль 2013, 19:22

    This one meant as a sly dig? Never mind, why , I am only grateful. I'm suddenly having an avalanche of comments, all in English and from Facebook domain mainly, and almost all — to Russian language items! I sniff a major success if not a major intrusion of spy files with view to shut this modest project forever. As to the above comment, I welcome M-O-R-E !!! I will communicate and what not . I am attending to activate comments and paste stories every fortnight but now I'll be visiting often. If you out there are not Russian moderators — just name your game and I will cater next time around on your hot topic (within the subject). Once again, hear hear to all of the visitors! Oh and I'll be checking the accursed statistics counter that's never been any good at the bottom of this page... Incidentally for PC freaks: I am using Opera search apart from IE for internet and Opera gives me headache by absence of scale and script adjustments, hence misprints. But I'll be improving that soon so...

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