Moscow scenery: Beatlemania, Polk Audio and Trump

Пятница, 10 Март 2017, 15:34
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beatOkay I’m canvassing for March 25 rally at Theatre Club, Moscow, to celebrate 50th anniversary of Sgt Pepper album release and 75th year birthday of McCartney. The hugest till date event showcases full scale sets from Beatlove (official imitators by Sony Music), older locals Apple Jack (country) and Optimalny, as well as visiting bands from Kazakhstan, South Russia and Spain, not to forget the inimitable velvet-voiced S.Gutsan and quite a number of surprise appearances, total awesome 12 participants on 2 parallel stages at the venue. Book seats or entrance-pay the dancefloor cheaper. Bar serves drinks and stuff. Security unobtrusive.

What to expect and is the outing worth it? Well, fine guitar trippings and power drive for sure though schoolyard strumming and issues with English can’t be excluded either. Crowd will be a mixed bag of freaky novice and connoisseurs with nonchalant filler mass. For courting and friendships not much to expect in those put-down days in these parts but for attending in company, “nice enough to eat” (quoting a darling oldie prog LP of mine). Miles better in freedom against Crokus Hall ripoffs.

That’s it for event tip. Now my review of the Trump-era local setup. It’s a disgrace that arguably the worst in US presidency ever, should have a stunning First Lady complete with devoted family and healthy biz.

I’ve been holding, one Anthony Louis spawned The Moscow Tribune weekly (not in its present shabby state) showed the only true way, even crippled with inner intrigue and outer hustle, as much as Gorbatchev was underachieveing and short missing.

polkAll said, auspicious is advent of Polk Audio speakers in Russia under local distributor giant A&T Trade. One reason, the speaker brand encapsulates America The Beautiful as since 1972 Polk have been tailoring a sort of universally appealing sound for the diverse cultures and ear structures. Secondly, Polk’s speakers are highly affordable while ranging from conservative and big to modern and strict layouts. Polk arrives at very tight and economical local market to fit with virtually every wallet. What is of importance and captures fancy — Polk are hi-tech in pursue of extended linear sound. They provide power vented port to drivers of high motion and advanced isotopic curvature to produce dynamically balanced and wide dispersion music. Polk’s arrival offsets Trump’s withdrawal from external projects, worldwide.

What little I gather, the president-elect errs on the above attitudes grossly. I mean, he won’t attend Theatre Club for little he cares about Beatles, Russia style. You will.

Beatle Fest: March 25 Club Teatr (Theatre Club), Staraya Basmannaya 20 bld 1. Booking, inquiries:

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