Mystery theft cripples the Smirnov vs Prokhorov scheme

Четверг, 29 Март 2012, 14:18
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YT editorial notice: For practical purpose the below item and comment, true to the fact incidence, may be treated as unintended pick on the parties and persons named, with the writer’s any excuse extended, and dismissed as an April Fool day hoax.  


AS a follow-up on the proposed import-hike for Moscow area, a model transaction to the private address of this reporter was performed to see how smoothly goods – music media — cross borders and actually arrive on hand. A neat package of music discs under ensured tracking number CQ356411380US was arranged with this view to be posted from a private party in USA to a private recipient in Moscow. It took the 7 kg pack over one month (by air freight!) and it further landed at the Moscow MMPO cargo sorters as disrupted, with goods partially taken out and the package resealed by an unknown in-between handler.

However with the Act drawn and attached — neither the recipient nor the sender availed a compensation. This side of the border, no handling party – the carrier, the Post’s international terminal and the Customs inspectors — admitted the responsibility. “We can investigate, you can claim damages (claim — not effect, YT)”, was the curt rebuff on inquiry. With the alike procedures taking months and draining more expense/effort, no bonafide trading scheme were viable to conceive in a sane mind.

Though the test was on (duty free) private plane, it is indicative enough of the risks entailed. No big-time model like a record store can launch unless the simple deliveries were smooth. International insurance applies formally with the said violations but – judging by the initial inquiries – won’t help. There is also vague possibility of both a random theft and an intended plot to compromise, nip the commerce chamber’s (or higher up) initiative. At least, the latter’s rep (see the heading) has been a lasting (though never finalized) contact of this writer, on this subject too.    

Plans of big smooth trade (in hi-fi and music) might rather appeal to Prokhorov than to the (inapt) officials who perhaps invited, encouraged, if not exactly initiated, the incident.

Perhaps it’s to say “it’s time for Prokhorov professionals to take up everywhere” as well as just to vacate a well-paid position in high places for a bigger shot’s nephew fresher. Or plain to keep things in Moscow music-media business frozen… er, stable.

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