Nikitsky 12 parlour unveil Supravox The Board

Пятница, 14 Август 2009, 22:11
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Expat's superb option of hi-end easily dismounted and transportable tall speaker to keep being hi-end audiophile no matter where you stay. Always available locally. By Vladimir Yelbaev

In a bid to revamp a faltering audiophile credibility and trade, the stand alone distributor for French major Lyz, the Nikitsky 12 in Moscow, has just beefed up their routine Jadis and Verdier hardware with stunning new speakers. A local make MDF and plywood board of .5 mm thick is utilized as the 1 by .6 m front panel to house a matching pair of very conventional Supravox drivers.

A 10” cone paper fullrange sports a handsome phase plug which should account for the entire job’s amazing coherence as the driver handles virtually the bulk of fed signal. A lowdown 16” woofer is all paper too, properly grease-reinforced at folded edge which firmly fits into an unobtrusive basket. There’s nothing more to the front – not to count the Supravox logo sticker dispatched with what figures as a not-too-dear DIY Hi-End kit.

No feet or whatever base – the heavyweight edifice rests wisely upon the frame – U-shaped due to hinged sides and adjustable for desired angle to re-direct stray sound waves. Resonance (astimated at awesome 25 Hz) dies there and then should it ever dare traverse the board. Simple, all-round, foolproof and affordable decision. Was conveyed by Supravox to Nikitsky 12 – but the reader may partake too.

The back is what it’s all about: printed specs speak for the first order crossover (the giant coil) cunningly tuned to 100 Hz point – in that way taking off «the bad» frequency’s power. The drivers are augmented with powered inductor coils (operating from inexpensive Korean mains converters). Those «two magnificent» really whip up specified speakers’ power to 120 watt and 35 watt respectively, working to real 100 dB SPL in a fairly large room, no audible distortion at ll.

The clean and simple arrangement makes the job attractive and stylish (terrific to keep attendants to an Embassy function occupied and superior to a Picasso), the stereoeffect omnipresent (dead sharp, even right behind the speaker line), the tweak a chicken shit, the servicing — out. Layman’s dream, outlander’s paradise.

The cord we used from a valve Jadis amp had good 4 conductors, but I’d rather trust a .75 French sample (silver), currently Nikitsky’s favourite. Bi-wire/bi-amp option OK, as any one driver may be disengaged at user’s will by pulling out respective contacts. In so doing, the woofer proved actually a subwoofer and the 10” – selfreliant on very demanding and serious music. The board sure acts as mighty albeit secondary diffuser. No ground broken here…

The reader, upon having reached this far in account, will be but convinced that esoteric doesn’t always makes sole great experience. The wise does. And the $10.000 of asking price won’t take away your breath like the natural music does – especially if home theatre and flashplayer used to be your staple.

Me, I was balmed with that frequency response rolloff which galvanized my early days of vinyl bonanza. The thing leaves you to anticipate the higher frequencies while serving up the lower end in its generosity. It's magic to digital and hi-res audio, to say nothing about DVDs. The minor change in volume brings off yet more hidden detail, never to dismiss the previous listening experience. However, matching supertweeter to extend highs is available on order at extra $2.000 or so.

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