Obama Address: no derivations… yet

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Пятница, 25 Сентябрь 2009, 5:06
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No reference to the personalities mentioned, this cover belongs with defunct US trade mag that could be fine start of US-Russo relations reload. No better hi-fi media ever appeared.

No reference to the personalities mentioned, this cover belongs with defunct US trade mag that could be fine start of US-Russo relations reload. No better hi-fi media ever appeared.

In his first university-mapped out, impeccably structured, gorgeously phrased, albeit heavy on American slang, UN address on Wednesday, Obama proved as brilliant, to-the-point, assured and glorious patronizing as ever. Inasmuch his public manner and the descending intonation are exemplary – his connotations stay necessarily cheeky. We at YT, for that matter, have done our homework at translating those to our own ends. Which, down below, our audience is free to take or leave.

First thing, we cannot possibly identify with those “vital” issues that nag every decade, every consecutive ruler and virtually every public speech of any importance. Credit be given to President Obama, but famine, terrorism, regional wars, Arab-Israeli conflicts and even environmental energy issues are beyond our very reach, even if we chose to bloc nearest highway tomorrow morning with awareness canvass pickets. Obama forgive, the eloquence wasted, on us at YT at least.

That said, credit should be given, once again, to Obama’s candid defining the responsibility as “world’s common”, not just US’s sole – however pummeling the idea of “American superiority” with her out to “support dignity quests” (or smth of the sort). That one is cheeky, by Jove. And I better leave that under-exposed for risk of wrong exposure.

Next, Obama did perturb with that famous Holliwoodian stance that hardly other world leaders  master, the American dream and Freedom charter. I find same traits in nearly every Nicolas Cage movie character, and that beats whatever outer cynicism, alienation, rhetoric or just comment. That very urge is pathetic, but again, I don’t see how it contributes proverbial man from the street in this country. Contributes our readership and ourselves. Tomorrow morning we, every one of us, shall be attending to personal private petty concerns, and Holliwood, American dream or even brotherhood idealism help along not a bit. Till in the evening we run a DVD movie and plunge into dream world, perhaps.

The fact is US have risen by protecting and enriching own folks strictly, and Obama’s address is vague as to how and why this care translate to others, let alone the nagging hot spots. Obama did juggle beautiful with “not only American endeavor”,  “new era of engagement with the world”, “sharing responsibility” and that magic goal — prosperity “held in common”. There was  more magic wielding: “forging common ground”, “power is no longer zero-sum game”, “new coalitions of different creeds”, “every human being is to live in dignity”, “global economy with opportunity for all”, Ah… The concentration of it! Even then, again, too slippery to carry on.

The immediate question is how on Earth! Even if one transcribed and heeded the calls head-on, what happens? These are now chillout consumerist and felistine 00’s, not 60’s Flower Power, if you noticed. No Capitol storming, Mary Jane brandishing and draft dodging for ye but in “Forest Hump” reruns. Perhaps, that’s where Obama idealism roots – and what enchants his audience invariably,

Derived from the speech are minor points like shaping US-Russo relations along disarmament lines with perhaps another detente in the wings and, indeed, prosperity, opportunity and dignity for us and for all.

Imagine we’re already arrived and can pick up the stones. We at YT, have been open and instrumental to English-related business in this country. So we can only welcome whatever progress in this respect. We are at this point in time officially promoting sales of elitist interior from Britain in Russia. Why not resume where, years ago, we left off with Bill Scandrich of VoA and Joy Williams of Artist Publications, to name just few US contacts?

Staffing does it, said Stalin the Ruler once. You never know which first things are better off first, you know… No match for life-and-death issues of Obama’s, ours are about dignity alright and not removed  from “every girl’s opportunity at personality development” that actually rounded up his speech. We yet need to structure media and hi-fi/music business that, to the best of our knowledge, lie in shambles for want of sane enterprising. There’s dignity issue and plain common sense involved in promoting one Vladimir Yelbaev to those “bilateral commissions on culture” (no-shit pop music production center, Stereo Review foundation Russia, you name it)  Obama declared when in Moscow last.

More about petty concerns of ours in the light of mean big time oaths. When this express analysis was underway, we regret erroneous report sneaking in this space, and apologize to the reader. The concerned staff member has been reprimanded. This is bound to happen considering we at YT are dragging feet compared to full-fledged US-based Tribune company members. We are undignified indeed by not graduating to the level of even   www.6moons.com hi-fi review site of international standing by virtue of sensible investment. It’s because every investment and meaningful support have been denied  to us, ever since, in early 90’s we bombarded US parties with faxed messages. We were being told to “prove ourselves”. Little changed as we do not interest investors who prefer supporting local dubious media moguls, infrequently US comissioned. Opportunity indeed.

The above relates to singular private enterprisers' inaptness purely and in no way to the system or officialdom in this country, we are satisfied with everything there, thank you. This remark was absolutely necessary. 

It is by sheer magic that The Yelbaev Tribune  outsmarts the trade of upnosed privileged good-for-nothings – and keeps marginally profitable, mighty influential and commonly trusted. All of these are none of Obama’s business — till proper cooperation takes place. And I resent using the term “US presence”…  Someone must be interested that American made hi-fi and groups sell over here as well as what we at YT promote presently.

To sum up, Obama’s got to see how trickier attempts at commenting him are. The essential remark on our part is we have to leave exact US-Russo relations routing to the pro’s in the field. We abide by those in power. We stick to our immediate tasks and earn our keep. If you ask us, we know nothing about big time politics, human rights and the stuff. We feel we can criticize Obama, this being about our sole tool in communication. We at YT still look forward to those “bilateral commissions”, if and when, only willing to man projects and, perhaps, wiggle a working assignment in New York some. When times soften up some, don’t forget to let us in on the cake baked, okay? This is not so petty a dream. Quoting The Tremelous’ hit, “What a state I’m in.”

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  1. globalZag пишет: Четверг, 6 Май 2010, 3:09

    Всех с праздничком с прошедшим и наступающим!!! как думаете теракты будут или нет а то чтото стрёмно быть в толпе на параде (((

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