Obama visit and the waste

Среда, 15 Июль 2009, 23:32
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Music and Hi End audio enjoyment go a long way to connect to a US state visit this site chose to comment – why not? We need good rating on the web, after all. By a staff analyst


While «analysts» are waxing meaningful on «the results», there is clearly a void in the very «analysis»: the yes-we-can trademark sentiment instrumental in US President’s electoral triumph is nowhere near our parts. Obama failed second time around to help bring about the very hope and elation he’s been so eloquent about in his appearances back home. Come, the very right to «discuss» the visit is authorized to «the competent», where this site ain’t admitted. To think of that, us we ain’t admitted at any field, since oust-the-weakling-succumb-to-bull is the rule of the thumb. The air about Obama was peculiar void of the charm he used to project, either. He pounded about too routine an issue of armaments which has been about conjuring and stalling and re-conjuring again, nuke reduction treaties – good enough for Brezhnev and privileged translators to mouth with important drawl. Meantime, seekers of breakthru’s to one’s career are pondering whether to «join Green Card lottery program» or is it another fraud for us in these parts. They… us have choice like rob the bank and be a London resident or do your petty local job like poking up this comment no one bothers to quote in «important» media let alone award the Pulitzer. We are qualified for Pulitzer alright, and have just to wait for the likes of Obama The Wise to release the news to the world.

It ain’r weird. At better times US and the West encouraged human traffic and cultural exchange, granting the unmoneyed Easterners not at all hot-dog vendor jobs and buying up not only Silicon Valley contributors. The West has to understand its obligation to accept and socialize not to despise an Eastener. Why, you can’t speak a Russian word to a dame in Berlin without her crossing over to another sidewalk like you are a leper.

Moscow is again one-English-paper, the poor paper at that, town, The Moscow Tribune has not been helped to re-emerge, and the vulgar Mark Ames paper is better left RIP. How come only dirty personalities spin English and international press in these parts? Okay, RT TV cable channel repaired their English tongue staffing, after our leveled criticism, but the cream – us exactly – still gets carefully skirted. There has been no absolutely support extended to us, all of the time. We and a lot of good musicians, for that matter, procrastinate instead of shine. Does anyone care that an English word got to be erred to enter local «English Russian» and to let qualify an interpreter or a top manager at job application? Local airwaves are damped with rap music and the sort of inapt DJing that the world would defy. How about landing hand to clean this garbage?

We want to stay at great hotels, to get courted by top models, to mean business and give credit to God blessed abilities. We have learnt that intrigue-and-wait policy just does not work. And before this has been done the world over, Obama The Prez will have no consolation. He should not have hinted that yes he can, in the first place... And in case this comment seems displaced — we just have to guard against being more precize.

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