Russia's new Revolution? Hardly

Воскресенье, 25 Декабрь 2011, 2:47
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What the heck is happening?

What the heck is happening?

We at YT have to be concerned with social events in this country. It directly bears on our job and status in this media – and much more. Revolution in Russia is the talk of the town, but how true is it? This media’s admin chose to vent a private opinion here, rather than social network. In English – for presumably potent audience, that is.


The world has hitherto been contemptuous of any community or people who are basically evil, arrogant, mean, hostile, self conscious and ugly in their humour.


Well, neither European/US/world public nor myself cherish no illusion. There’s no revolution, colour velvet crawling, not even instrumental change to be anticipated from Russia. Let it be everyone’s knowledge.


Up to them


Local Dozhd sat TV channel wallowed in reporting the 150,000-strong crowd which pretext was to protest recent parliamentary elections’ manhandled in Russia. That however is not a person’s goal. Not my goal. Us we seek to open opportunity we stay robbed of for decades. We can’t get near either the official nor the opposition camps, to that natural human end.


When I opted to present my pro writer skills to the “revolution” leaders on the web – they  linked me to… a matchmaker service instead.  Whatever the upheaval’s outcome, we the people will be thrown so much as a free gulp of vodka – other shots scoop the goods, the opportunity, the wealth, the key position, those elite nonsense talk shows, those Booker Awards, those Spanish castle realty.


Give me a break


The live example of the above order is served by New York Magazine’s participant on Dozhd’s round table. The Russian-born US-aided journalist is poor on every account, on English vocabulary, grammar and mentality… inasmuch as LinkedIn community’s many members are. Same attitide or «filter» (not the competence, by Jove) are true about ParNaS (local opposition leader party) as well as Commies and  every other formation or local personality up into politics. They are all protectionists.


It is their war or their funeral. Either way the world benefits nothing. The world won’t be reinventing Russia unless the better public (us) be honoured with opportunity too. Unlikely so: the slime or the saint, they won’t surrender what they weal-and-deal... or look to when on top.   


Why, it came as shock – some world despised types, some dire personas (no names here!) got to address the protesting crowd in Moscow, the biggest one so far. By way of local unwritten law, those blokes will soon rule prime in respective  formations. They, trained in intrigue and corruption, are barren of skills. The parasites will replace the parasites. Their slaves stay slaves. The world opinion be warned to shun the lot.

P.S. 2.01.12

It's not that I deny one and all the fruit fetching ability. Yulia Latynina, not A.Navalny, deserves Europe's benevolence in terms of sheer faith, reason, honesty and credibility.

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