Road to Russia: Munich?

Четверг, 24 Март 2011, 16:09
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Better equipped, Munich one is design onto itself, the land to tread - exactly the stuff for audiophile pscych.

Better equipped, Munich one is design onto itself, the land to tread - exactly the stuff for audiophile pscych.

As aired from the top, colonists might be quite welcome to settle in Russian Far Eastern and Siberian wilderness soon – those far from being Chinese, Viet or, for that matter, Jap refugees or Libian labour. Glossy polished European gentry are better expected, the site developers, bounty hunters, soldiers of fortune. To serve the entire community – home electronics industry to advance in number and the range. Sales of the same have been disappearing, streaking from Moscow and St Petersburg, due to many irreversible a factor.

Indeed, inasmuch as 90s westernization of Russia brought about huge hi-fi music / home cinema / expert media bloom – why not the larger dose injection? After all, that always works both ways as the intruder partakes of the intruded entity.  It appears, West is as much starved of Russian sheer scopes, Russian water and wood, Russian classic literature, Russian… yes, vehemence and…  ouch, genes. Some sane Russian hi-fi expertise and English tongue versed journalism too. 

Munich Airport in Bayern, Germany, seems to come by handy. Latest action establishes Munich easily as  prime gate opening into Russian peripheria. Wherever situated, one is likely to think Munich first, trying to catch the wind and venture Siberia, next time around.

Moscow and St Petersburg have always been an odd skirtway to move consumer hi-fi – and published hi-fi reviews – all the way down to “far pavilions”. As new consumer communities emerge Eastways, traffic will shift too, saving naturally time, effort and cost. Absurdly, Munich Airport turns more opportune, efficient and prone than Moscow ones in serving cheaper and convenient provincial Russian flights. Munich to take some key logistic burden off the huge Moscow’s transit, if you will.

To that effect Munich has threw open  Yakutia Airlines nonstop line to Lake Baikal – a holyday maker with view to grow big entrepreneur, who knows.

Munich clearly offers herself as  reciprocal escape for those longing Russian residents in those distant God-forlorn parts. Have money will travel, and Munich lines will beat any contender carrier costs. Not so with the dear German wellness spas and  clinics yet, but some spectacular music-and-light performances and fests are within rich’s reach, already. Perhaps those will come by cheaper and mass targeted yet. Anyway, there’s no comparing German stay with Egypt or Spain, the two popular most destinations with Russians. Settling down in Europe could be anyone’s secret dream but it gets at least 2 events to realize: first, a dwelling vacated by former owner, and second, the cheap and live travel route. Well, Europeans and Russians are to swap homes like suggested and as to the liven route – it’s Munich Airport.

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