Russians escape tedium by vintage hi-fi, Beatle tributes

Среда, 28 Февраль 2018, 16:08
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As media, public and the web grow trap insecure for relaxed socializing, folks in these parts are finding new solace where nothing gets on them: not just music or eat outs, neither clubs nor trip hustles but rather the good old hi-fi monsters (for listen-in) and live local or visiting Beatlesque impersonators (for listen-out). While shiny-new audio and big-time shows unfulfill and drain budgets – oldies stay goldies, so the customer learns.

One event too many

beatIf this is an early read, the reader can partake of a mixed bag of beatle songs at 13-th int’l Beatlefest at Teatr Club (Barklaya ul., 6, bld.2, tel:+7 965 446-6026) on March 17, 17:00. A rare special club CD of Beatle White Album home recordings by G.Harrison, a gave away to the first ticket booker who calls. The solid event will engage 2 stages with a staggering 7 hour program from impressive list of 14 participants. Showcasing the visitors: singer songwriter Bex Marshall (UK) of “best female vocalist ‘08” and Big Brother and The Holding Company fame — as well as Brazilian personality at BeatleWeek Hall Of Fame, one Aggeu Marques of likely named Sgt.Pepper’s Band and Yesterdays domestic outfits. Also on the bill: the official Sony Music approved Russian impersonators BeatLove, a discovery at Liverpool BeatleWeek ‘15 incl. their Cavern date. Of Moscow proper: an impromptu starry lineups Kornei & The White Album Band, Sergei Gutsan & The Wilbury Twist, Sun Gita, Thunderbeats, Tom&Jerry, Beat Boys, Holiday Hats, and last not least the commendable Olga Egorova. Stone Shades will contribute covers of The Rolling Stone classics, and Roadhouse Band cover – you guessed it — The Doors. Remains to be heard whether  Father McKenzie (of Rostov-on-Don) are as stubborn and rude as Ted Nuggent (no relation) or wiser this time.

Older stereos

vz-3000For a nice homestead listen-in get yourself an opportune priced Victor RC-M90 or Sharp GF1000. These and a host of similar top-notch all-timers, a blast from the past, are available in mint like-new condition from new approved SST Hi-Fi restore and resale company in Moscow’s prestigious Vorobievy Gory area. Demonstration and display facilities, a year guarantee and impeccable servicing (!) available. The shop, the office, the staff are every bit as clean neat and impressive as the looks and performance of the items on sale. The emergence of a vintage hifi dealer of this caliber makes a healthy departure from usual fleamarket no-returns blind grabs on eBay or elsewhere. In fact, envoys of SST in Europe source, trace and grab all worthy sought-after offerings – lest those might go. Normally those need – and undergo – renewal with preferred original (NOS) or generic parts, and SST’s “golden ear” craftsman does restore to exact original specifications. There’s a dedicated artisan, artist and anodizing department to restore the original artwork and design elements if need be.  Yes sir, it comes down to sheer manpower to define this company from the pack.

Vintage boom ain’t no joke out here as used 70s’ hi-fi has been flooding and stocking a dozen cellar and corner dealers in various marketplaces and shopping arcades – in Moscow and major Russian cities. Even those who barely sell an (overpriced) silvery pointer amp or tape deck every season – manage much better than a fishy jerk of a distributor for new big-time high end (or Chinese no-name for that matter), from A&T Trade down to Overtone and bottom poor Barnsley. With a mere oddball bookshelf speaker priced as high as a vintage 20-kg JBL or the glorious Pioneer HPM floorstander – the regular new sealed hi-fi distributor/dealer have to maintain existence otherwise than off sales. It might be anything from a wife’s fur trade to illegal hoarding. Why, formerly spiteful proud and arrogant “new rich” (who used to change autos every season for “the status thing”) nowadays honor a “used hi-fi” section of classifieds. Never get fooled again, quoting The Who classic.

For odd reason however, Classe, Marantz, Klipsch, Cambridge (albeit a sick brand highly compromised in quality and demand) and other long-stalled renown hi-fi makers continue to turn a deaf ear and blind eye on their “Russian peripherals” cautious of improvement and distributor rehash. By that token, the market has been gone all to SST, Avito and the likes. When will they ever learn (Peter Paul & Mary).

Same trend has finally ruined (told you!) the totally inapt corrupt illiterate ear-def and non-competent non-pro hi-fi consumer media. Nothing is left of even the best… errr… the least sick AudioMagazine once published from St Pete under the versed Sergey Taranov (recognized by Stereophile, USA). “We don’t give test reviews by gurus, we write mundane mediocre unimaginative toothache scribble by same sort,” boldly admitted another one-timer Chief Editor of, the darn cheep form of folded Stereo&Video monthly launched 1995 by traveling Brit Charles Butler to enormous inner hustle. Kings of hustled and misled reviewing complete with expensive lab measurement layout – was years ago resold for zero perspective and hitherto notorious for striking stupid ill-advice. “We pumped resource to no avail into them”, complains a seller of new high-end audio.

For a sense

This way or another the downfall is to continue since a consumer is praising his hard earned Ruble ever more and levels all anger at a proxy seller these days. West importers are OK to revert the trend but, as before, prefer to “work with what we have” – meant to ignore my sole soft spoken solution. Me I might not graduate to Wiki but okay with some party who do listen. And with Yelbaev Army of my followers. For sure those won’t buy new Arcams nor Yamahas unless they read my “sound reviewing” those. Hear hear, the PR manager.

Now, a confirmation to “my brouhaha”: Sharp GF 777 and more giant ghettoblasters actually sold in mint SST-restored condition to an oversea buyers in USA. With well packed postage and secure delivery total bill came to 160.000 Rubles (=2380 USD) which is safer deal than similar priced eBay offerings from dubious newbies from China. “We procure and restore the honest original. On contrary, a 40 year old machine adorned with print-fresh stickers is obviously a visual copy with no proper circuitry or performance”, guards the engineer of SST.

SST standing for Sound Of Success – True Hi-Fi is sole and unique worldwide dealer in tested proved authentic old vintage audio in optical / technical mint condition and complying with the user’s requisite domestic voltage. Complete with the shop’s guarantee. The shop/office/service facilities are situated in Luzhnetsky pr., Vorobievy Gory, Moscow, Russia. Tel: +7 (925) 3573416.

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