Stop Press: Pink Floyd-esque Planetarium Moscow

Среда, 19 Июнь 2013, 22:05
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Feel like good old days return and already-been-there on June 20th at truly unique show of 60s pop music and this millennium’s vision. Moscow veteran rock band Optimalny Variant (the right option) have come up with Beatle-meet-Floyd spectacular making full use of what entourage The Moscow Planetarium got to offer.

The Gala Starry Hall of the Planetarium, a Soviet curio model of Universe, was renovated and relaunched to now  look all poised technically for some awesome experience. As to the musicians, they move with the initiative and bring in the cream of the focal rock celebs that ring a clubber’s bell — Oleg Sakmarov, Serge Letov, Sergey Ryzhenko with a major stage actor A.Fedorov headlining as presumably the narrator. Newer crop of indie rockers will provide additional instrumentation and Sunny Side Singers (by O.Oleinikova), the backing vocals.

The program features works by baroque and antique composers, Soviet era cult poetry, pieces from Ravi Shankar, The Doors, The Beatles and – yep! – LedZep.  

With 30 albums and a jubilee up their alley,  Optimalny Variant are now heading for a declaration of a lifetime. The show at Planetarium is their reply to (dated) Pink Floyd’s Pompeii video, long an influence and a revered vintage pattern. The band so hopes to present Greek mythology and explain the four elements of nature.  

For The Planetarium it is also new domain – as well as a statement and a call for more visitors from across Russia. Not to exclude the expats.

The tickets are priced at the borderline affordable 800 and 1000 Rubles.  


Optimalny Variant and Planetarium Moscow proudly present Starry Sky Over Dionysus’ Gardens on 20th of June at 9.30 PM (Moscow time).  Tickets are available on location (ul. Sadovo-Kudrinskaya, 5  bld 1, Tel. 8 (910) 409 17 43) or online


to get there go by metro to Barrikadnaya or ride the Sadovoe Circle

to get there go by metro to Barrikadnaya or ride the Sadovoe Circle

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