Yelbaev Picks, June ’11: Reviewing The Situation

Понедельник, 27 Июнь 2011, 19:23
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Gone With The Wind and Doctor Zhivago, Blu-ray editions, Warner / CP Digital (Russia), BD-boxes, Compatible ABC or Region Free.









Reviewer rating: Oh, yeah!


Unlike Gone With The Wind — Doctor Zhivago, till date boycotted locally as dubious quasi anti-Soviet / morally wrought / dated obsolete Western import, will be new to majority of Russian viewers. Offset by the TV aired local (odd) production and (odder still) modern day TV series, the Lean classic of ’65 easily captivates in every way on Bluray format. Shot with conservative gear on real-life body and warmth of the film it yields  dynamically sequenced episodes, overall rhythm and suspense due to some dedicated acting.


Both masterpieces enjoy recent jubilee remastering for BD (which format is still produced for export from Russia and zone free for viewing anywhere in the world). These are special packages collectable and different: non-digipac, 2 and single disc sets respectively, printed at Russian plant and – oddball – switching to DD Mono, not even 2.0, sound on non-HDMI signal connection.


DD 2.0 is stated switchable in foreign languages except Russian on Zhivago, while DD 5.1 switchable in English on Gone but the non-HDMI furnished viewer will have to sweat  retrieving those.


Well, for an oddball seeker, All The Kings’ Men Hollywood classic better be checked out for sporting an all-out crammed single disc while declaring 2, including the reference to The Deep Throat (?). in the local DVD package reissue. Still more collectable rare is opera Puccini / Turandot / Levine, Deutsche Grammophon / Universal Russia 2010 DVD reissue sporting the sticker of “Franco Zeffirelli the Conductor”.  


Technicality apart, the boon to buy the afore mentioned Russian reprints of Western video epics is their low price combined with mixed feel of luxury with roughage where Western products would be dull clean. Timing is important as the epic stories throw their own light at what’s No 1 topic in Russia at the time of this review. The Presidential elections, Russia 2012.


Back to the review first. There is a sense of zombified doom and detachment or inner retreat in Dr Zhivago’s characters as they behave odd, striding with the changes and sawing destruction, blood and misfortune liberally. Apparently, Margaret Mitchell’s characters take orderly a stand (“I will steal kill and borrow rather than stay hungry”) and recognize logic and opportunity rather than go nuts (Ashley’s accident, Bony’s end scene). In Zhivago, there’s way too much Western optimism and compatriotism (Kalinka dancing in urine-stale wagon, Balalaika fetish) which is but correct in Gone (clutching to  Tara family values).


Being a Western production, the far superior and eventful Zhivago  was played down for the Russian theme, letting Gone ride All-American icon status, awards, dedications et al. It’s all documented on the disc sets.


Now, for the politics catch. At the time of writing, there’s a clear sign of one Prokhorov, the wry contemporary businessman, having gone designated for the president of RF job. Prokhorov was given no cheap but solid impressive airing on TV’s Channel One following the highly watchable Uralskie Pelmeni comic sitcom winner. Prokhorov’s live  hosted by career personality Pozner was carefully masterminded question-and-answer meet that let it sink in. Those were nothing new (work, obey, consume, reproduce) but the ditty can’t be mistaken: it’s Next President born.


Whoever doing and for whatever obvious personal complex… whatever speculated for North Eurasia at the West, however the West is itself all severed ravished and over-civilized crammed  -  Prokhorov means status quo. He ain’t coming over. Japan, US, Britain will go head over knuckles to consider — and certainly no free dinners. With Perestroika 2 idiom nipped that way, the Western movie industries are left to concoct more role models, portray more oddball Zhivagos – perhaps, sell blurays and Hollywood fodder to Russia and be thankful for it.


This is what makes the overly exploited video reissues by local CP Digital epoch making.

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