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The time YT has been mute to expats and oversea reader was nothing special as we saw more Chinese and Turkmen in while English speakers out of our parts, with England Church Community feeding public with dull organ performances by secondary clergy and professing  P.Greenaway’s sad persona. YT was numerously warned with discontinuation which perhaps looms soon anyway, what with darn low statistics and profession boycott. Nothing to write home indeed. Which is nothing of your concern indeed either. What little the foreign reader could do us credit – never happened. We pay you all out there in own kind here below: we are giving you good tips to mind (implication correct).

isppOne has to visit a “remember 1968” live date with 9 Russian clubby cover bands on the bill, slated for Nov. 24, at Teatr club, Moscow’s center area.  Apart from well-stuffed bar and spacious premises at the theatre-converted venue, you are in for 2 stage alternative. That’s handy since you might dislike one Korney hailing from Samara town and opening with fullsized rendition of the Beatle White Album material. Or the contrary, for that matter…  6 hour non-stop show will fill those 2 stages with a whopping list of about 10 artists, from Moscow, St Pete, South and mid-Russia. As a pretext the event honors the 68-released albums by Stones, Led Zep, Doors, Dylan – and the cover-bands pose actually as one-time only tributers to be dissolved afterwards, so once again – don’t you miss the chance. The wholesome artistry or honest effort is duly expected, while the crowd would be a mixed lot, from this-day yappies and students to old aficionados and pleasure seekers. It’s all about the legendary material an expat (or his folks) probably grew to, with zero local interference and with perhaps total pledge and faith. This is what makes the event unique at this particular setup, town and moment in time. Chances are you may stumble on this note late or perhaps you went by Expat special media notification – we at YT did what little we could to make you.

Teatr Club: Moscow, ul. Barklaya,  6 bld. 2. :Tel.+7 965 446-6026, moscowteatr@gmail.com.  Pay your admission or order online.

The reader might not care – but trade of second-hand used or NOS is alive and well even with a view of being clamped down or shut altogether by new heavy administrative rules. Fact is a Marantz 1080 amp-receiver of 1978 housing goodtime output stage and beefy power section is out of vogue in Europe and US due to DAB – but its no-nonsence stamina and classic makeup gain ever more interest over here. Not least, the vintage 70s hifi changes hands  at miserable rates as against the new era home audio imports dealt by 10 major distributors in RF. The price factor have grown so ominous as to ruin quite a number of new gear dealers. Those surviving the crises continue on the strength of their by-projects (fur trade, realty, foodstuffs and tourism) rather than the audio.

The setup is much worse than last time I reviewed. The local expertise and once some sort of hifi press/media is nowhere or hopelessly compromised. Hifi shows, websites and video-blogs may look impressive vigorous eventful but are widely mistrusted and long fruitless, save for a few contemptuous fools. Once heady distributor, AT Trade finally threw a king crown by reshuffling personnel and letting their patron brands downward sale-wise, pro-wise.

Notwithstanding their high-up incomes, the tight moghul circle have virtually stopped to buy audio like they used to. The middle class surrendered to multimedia gadgets and free stream. The “frozen” youngsters constitute zero buying ability in any trade. And every car on the road oozes Russian rap or local prefab pop. An office applicant has to master a weird mash of pigin tongue and intonation before opening mouth at all. Which only adds to yet poorer  hifi and music.

aiwEven then, Sound Of Success True HiFi (the name of one healthy worldwide dealer of vintage audio stationed in Moscow) procures, restores and sells out some fantastic fabulous hifi. Number of vertical turntable music systems Sharp and Mitsubishi, cleanest looking and nice working Elac pulleys, huge Radio House speakers and stuff have been sold and exhibited at SST premises in prestigious Moscow South-West. The company rates major among the city’s vintage audio entrepreneurs. Check it out at +7 9253573416, https://ssthifiaudio.ru/

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