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By Vladimir Yelbaev, YelbTrib brand owner


It’s unlikely that the fact perturbs Wikipedia or Who’s Who guys but nearly every media personality entry there from our parts will have been wrought, non-pro inferior and hyped. So I’ll be rubbing in another. Impoverished en masse, today’s Russian consumer still remains under-explored / unreached by European / American music and hifi industry. This reporter has lately capitalized on the fact. Our remarkable progress has filled the void left over by our adversaries and agent-provocateurs – the all-pervading mafia (newly launched and state subsidized Blogger University Dpt) and the moneyed enterpriser newbies (who were cloning the likes of AV Report, AV Tribune etc.). Conversely, the profit could’ve easily been common, Not just all  YelbTrib’s but 6Moons’ and the entire indifferent and plagued consumer hifi media, that is. But the   blueprint smarts in electronic giant brands and in media houses pledge on to our adversaries. The mafia fools and feudals. Official airwaves carry on the coldplay accented muzak whereas the hifi dealers push on stupid gadgetry and demented home audio. Webforums are controlled by the mafia trolls. The idiocy rage notwithstanding, the consumer supports the YelbTrib ordeal. Out there they listen to what subdued we here have to say – rather than the thick gloss rags overstuffed with research and mafiosi plutocracy. No names quoted here – you the concerned know ‘em too well, from every corner and TV trailer. The “wise” idea behind the West’s stubborn-silly decades-long support of the sickest in our parts could be to derange the East Europe — the female genes, the rock music idealism, the good hifi, the mentality and tastes, the social strata, the works. But hey, isn’t the payoff weighing too heavy on you guys. Are you losing more and getting less. Ain’t it high time to fire your head schemer and redraft your policy priorities, in Russian hifi music promo media at least? Even typing this, I can see this plea falling short of the Atlantic shores due to YelbTrib’s weak cookies and nil pay to secure top list SEO. “You ask me of the contribution – Well we’re all doing what we can”. Expats in Moscow will at least read the below reviews and wash their Moscow Times (Moscow News and the entire expat-brainwash sick-versed clan of them) “down the lavatory”, to quote Bruce Dickinson referring to Anthony Louis’ winning Moscow Tribune at the time the visiting Iron Maiden got interviewed and compromised by MT provocateurs in town. 


CD reviews

New arrivals await your grab at Purpurny Legion Store, Novokuznetskaya ul, 1 in Moscow. All the reviewer copies are lowprice local presses of properly licensed expensive major label releases. These are far superior to the typical pavement and fleamarket sold lot where you come from! All carry Russian engraving on the inner ring and sport fully original artwork and booklets of clean print. All titles are one time only small quantity presses. Those are on sale in Russia only and therefore collectable when taken out to the world. Be guided by YelbTrib  reviews (and the E / Oh Yeah scale gradings) before you buy. We believe ours to be the only reviews of music CDs from Russian media that graduate to int’l expert media standards.

DEEP PURPLE “Now What?!” Eagle/Soyuz

Oh yeah!

By far, the better styled and most certainly foolproof rocking album by DP, Morse/Airey  chapter, for decades. By comparison, “Purpendicular” pales even with original organist Lord yet on, while ’93 “Bananas” matches only as tuneful. Airey’s sampling a triumph horn on “Uncommon Man” refrain is of particular merit in how the replacement member’d overcome own limitations to embrace Lordy spirit if not the letter. Paice/Glover collaboration, extremely pronounced this time, constitutes the DP idiom much more than Gillan/Glover vocal harmony. Overall, ”Come Taste” feel, minus the funk, lingers. Grab it.

DEAD CAN DANCE «In Concert» PIAS/ Soyuz, 2CD


Brendan Perry’s voice is almost as nauseating as Rick Astley’s while Lisa Gerrard wears her mask of Icy Queen. All too false and ambiguos with sparse ethnic instrumentation bravado and showy drum break technique. Welcomed as hi end test sampler, the double release reunion concert can at best unite the ridiculous old new-wavers. Numbers of overblown length fail to justify the tunes and arrangements in zero development. The fan base in Russia has been carefully preserved to buy up the vampire muzak but…    

ADRIANO CELENTANO “I Miei Americani” 1984, 2011 Clan/2013 Universal Rus.


Arguably the less apt of Italian estrada, the dull range voiced Celentano has been stamping his presence much like Ted Nugent does – by regular album output plus movie appearances. Exactly the reference to shine against, Celentano has been faved by both Soviet culture ideologues and post-Soviet mafia of concert promoters. For that matter, brilliant Western veterans like Iain Matthews are denied a local engagement – as well as was one novice indie promoter  who signed Chuck Berry for 2012 Russian gig. Well, this album of English standards demonstrates how bland Celentano the performer is. «Michelle» has a horn, not bass, soloing miserably. Strong on Jones’ fame, «Hold On» is killed with Celentano’s impotent  delivery. Worse than a session studio band’s hit rendition, this album may be excused as a curio and “attention getter” for another Celentano buy: 2008 “Dormi Amore, la Situazione Non è Buona”, a dig in politically aware pop.  Also out on Russian Uni.

KADAVAR «Abra Kadavar» Nuclear Blast /Soyuz

fghjkOh yeah!

Berlin sensation and immediate winner with live audiences, the trio of proper era sporting neo-hippies explore where early Black Sabbath has left off, in earnest. Unusually for the label (their recent transfer), the sound is overly transparent and atmospheric with cymbals attended continuously, the hat done occasionally, and no overdubs or second percussionist employed. The vocal is caged true to the original pattern, and the listener‘s got to fumble with treble so to avoid glare or highs’ over-saturation. Weird. The songs owe much to new finger technicality and studio effex but the production stays authentic and the delivery, wholesome. Ozzy’s special hysterical voicing quality ain’t to be imitated but then the trio ain’t that much faceless themselves. In all, a new great salute to dinosaur rock values.     

AVANTASIA “The Mystery Of Time” Nuclear Blast /Soyuz


New sequel in  Edguy spawned classic HM project of years ago, the opera production  boggles with the cast of current virtuosos and silver-voiced lead vocalists from Europe's various outfits. Joe Lynn  Turner does his normal Rainbow persona stuff – while every other  frontman on the production comes complete with own choirs and orchestras and things. In fact, the sheer number of bells and whistles sounding together make the onslaught almost unbearable on one’s senses. Another tough call, the libretto being all about myths and visions, and not a single nod to l.o.v.e. Not quite rock, rather a symph.  

SOUNDGARDEN “King Animal“ 2012 Vertigo / Universal Rus


Vertigo is currently a sought after label and a recommendation on Russian music market, and the band did well to honor both that and the idiom of good old American hard rock, if a tad sludge. Lyrics confuse with the album and song titles so hazy and misxleading, but who cares when the arrangements are eventful and diverse. Semi-psychedelic? Nope, spanning from country rock to archetypal hard and singer/songwriter. Not spectacular, but good enough for a resurfacing US band of underachievers. Vertigo sure knew better times and artists, but they don’t license for Russian market. Which only hikes the price.   

ROBBIE WILLIAMS “Take the Crown” 2013 Island /  Universal Rus


The worst in his discography. Hardly worth analysis. Weak uncatchy tunes, wrapped in synth and sampled arrangement with his glorious usual lineup largely in the back or out. He calls once on his enigma by use of foul words – and that amuses to be forgotten. Not a single contender for a Eurovision, rather a doomed demo material.  Adele’s «Skyfall» single captures much more attention by virtue of uncouth and growing instrumentation, by her voice and presence crescendos. The things bitterly missed in this new staid album from Robbie the family man. The booklet is a tricky affair akin to Rubik cube, and the Russian edition diligently reproduces the same... at same usual low price.

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