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                                   By Vladimir Yelbaev, the publisher

logo1To start, general conservative culture drive marks the trend, with furniture and English Home interior getting hand (read on). Local music market leans more intelligently vinyl; less blu-ray with however flashplayer dumbness continued in metro and free torrents attractive. In vinyl and generally, the expectations shape for 70’s pop like Love Affair, the bitterly missed Tony Burrows’ outfits and the like. Bubblegum pop, Glam and genuine r’n’b already rate high on market, and feel in high demand at online auctions. Traffickers of the like curio LPs generally outsmart big time dealers in other music. It may be put as British Invasion Revisited, Russia. For things British related to home – read on.

 The brief English account as per The Yelbaev Tribune (YT) estimates will necessarily range from its Russian version. Obama, to please the reader, seemed like single most important factor in outlining the future. Obama’s cultured persona was instrumental in many issues one mused about, lately. We the earthlings must have had Kennedy of same sort of enigma and magnetism, last time around.

Of Western attitude towards us, pro’s in Russian expertise media, nothing new may be added,  and it’s dreary, man. Western benefactors, investors and patrons remained offensively onesided, and bla-bla-bla…Westerners kept low a profile in town unlike Gorby era when they were setting businesses and hiring goodtime pro’s like this shoved writer. Peter Levine, of older contacts, cares not to get on track. Joy Williams, KUSF, Van Leeuwen are more names to commend. It must be stated that, just like habitual, hi-fi expertise and music media have been non-existent and profane in town – not to worry the compromised parent brands like What Hi-Fi, Newsweek, Japanese scientologists and yet odder sources to local enterprise.

Union of Angel Investors, locally, is an oddball-most of ‘em all. Apply to them and to our Russian distributor for any related media project, was the dictum from Musical Fidelity, an obscure English audio brand I worked to promote to no avail. Run by my childhood buddy (!), local “angels union” is a not-responsible-not-nudged attitude encapsulated corporate business shut to outsiders. They thrive on matters that are outside a normal grasp and, alas, too useless as contribution. They are another Troitsky, a void effigy turned a man of mystery of sorts. Such entities are well verbalized and comfortably built-in internationally – and it only adds insult to injury as opposed to procrastinating and ever promising, that is struggling hand-to-mouth  business (like ours here). Int’l sabotage must end is the call of the day. Opportunity to all, priority support to the positive! It takes an Obama to cast the dice for enterprise like YT, and we shall see how indeed “yes he can”. Meantime reader is advised to accept The YT as is, for what we are worth.

We cannot possibly hope for local support. Everywhere one’d turn to one meets with sabotaging one’s best intended effort instead of being hired. Like being given unrealistic “test tasks” and approached for a perplexing heap of “qualifications” that read like a Harvard University professor cum a commando and a hacker wiz list combined – or one ain’t hired. Period. Year 2009 at least helped to waive a yet odder still age barrier qualification as a test-passer applicant to whatever mission had to be under 37 or better under 30 to allow for a meaningful career. It’s obviously the Generation Next enrollment that killed lotta spheres and taught some good lessons, Not that it applied to the head of Union of Angels (above) or more well-sited well-over moguls locally. Not that the foreign business turns a deaf ear completely. In “teaching own lessons” to obnoxious employers and local aloof business the Western bosses subject them to all kind of humiliation, indeed. The West drives home to those local insolent patrons of French and Austrian winter resorts that they are to prove themselves better still. But back home those pass the reprimand on already frozen and zombified personnel, either employed or seeking. That way the “teaching” scheme won’t work. The West has to learn lessons too. After all, it’s Western product image that will suffer. By letting the hi-fi-and-music reviewer pro’s be sabotaged and the goof be appeased, by elevating pigin English tuition and dull English media locally, the West compromises own moved products and own language too. Those “contaminated wastes” will indeed get too damn close to the West, finally. That has to be understood. This writer has to benefit as this here is targeted analysis.        

ROSBRI, my other employment alongside this feet-dragging online media of mine, was keeping quite pacy with brisk trading and stuff. I was concentrating on filling the corporate site more since it pays well. YT is, for all it takes, a media rather than blog – and the needy correction in its description will be done anytime now.

Turn to the conservative – as regards both home style and things audio / video / hi-fi – constitutes the trend in Russia, regardless of fidgety sick products dumped from the West. ROSBRI was crusading with conservative rich supplies of English Classic Home. Interior breakthru’s of the year were: Brookman’s  local furniture works and, specific to my liking,   Tetrad Eastwood hi-rise chair. ROSBRI's emerging as expat's hi-priority choice in interior and design was perhaps the reader's content in spending time at this space so far. 

Among consumer hi-fi distributors, Purple Legion and A&T Trade stand out as conscientious, defined and well serving. Western parties, take notice. The former is pursuing American idiom, the latter is omnipresent and just wise in hiring YT’s proficiency. Сhicago (second album) 1970 Rhino, digipac and James Brown «Playlist Plus» 3СD Polydor package were better music CD reissues on sale at Purple Legion’s Moscow store. CD Andrew Bird «Noble Beast», Bella Union was perhaps the best new import. Andy Warholl non-fiction 1992 Soyuz Video Russian-dubbed English-soundtrack selectable DVD seemed like best video release, with Stiliagi  2008 local movie satire on early mod movement in USSR (CP Digital release) following in.

CNBC channel’s Conan О’Brien was the king and the model even though The LA moved Tonight Show lost much pace to former New York studios production. On the strength of this author’s last year note to same effect, local TV came with own lame production, self-conceited, arrogant and too obviously money-hungry to rank pro. As, however, just about any other local TV music / entertainment / talkshow fodder with perhaps exception of Gorodok’s, Bolshaya Raznitsa and Dayesh Molodezh production teams and performance which at least were topical, well meant and catchy. Russia Today awkwardly propagandist channel  improved marginally over our last heavy criticism — again, for reasons of being as clanish as The Moscow Times, Independent Media, and other dull  followers in the wake of well remembered  Anthony Lois trailblaze in town, back in 90's. His won't ever be chalenged. Anyone out there up for the recovery?  

Sky Channel was bitterly unavailable for subscription — or that would out do Brien. Cable or sat TV easily outdid local aired productions as mostly slated for overworked tired and little caring who don't figure as consumerist class anyway.   

One Rо Кеnga, local Universal pop artist to enjoy promotion shows good progress with his 2nd CD+DVD package reworking an ABBA material and more sensible disco tunes. It may be worth exporting.

There is bitterly little to recommend to expats or foreign watchers of local entertainment scene safe for (or com) site of English news and what you’re reading. We at The Yelbaev Tribune find our new face well-formatted and quite Google-friendly. It is no match to 6 Moons in Korea but already much more influential than the rest of hi-fi web media in English. We wield millions of readers, not to forget, and there’s a name behind us.

The best in home hi-fi gear, VidaBox Magnum by A&T Trade presented conservative audiophile oppo to those flash-sick. “Send your kid to school or buy this” was clever but hardly viable in present day world of expensive darlings. In 3-way conservative speaker category,  Vandersteen 2Ce Signature merited attention and the model and the brand will continue selling. MBL and German Physic ain’t bad but their distributors are upnosed some, too bothered to be bothered. So PL’s another boon, Sonist brand speakers cоme as best available and saught after ribbon type. They can be challenged by discontinued  DALI Skyline or the brand’s current crop.  Dutch PrimaLuna cut the best in amps being valve, superior phased and overly accurate which all beats competition and vintage hands down.

That rounds up YT’s review of The Best Of 2009.

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