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Unless shown otherwise, bimonthly reviewed are currently licensed limited-edition Russian made CDs, BDs, DVDs (no downloads yet). All presumably collectable since sold in Russia only. Videos dubbed/subtitled in world languages. Label and date credits appear as stated. While DVDs may be zone determined, BDs are zone free. Actual titles available from The Used Corner (Komisionyi) at Purple Legion Record Store (1, Novokuznetskaya ul, Moscow).  Reviewed by: Vladimir Yelbaev, the YelbTrib’s deviser. From the name’s key vowel, grading ranges from lower E points to highest Oh yeah! 



ALEXANDR F.SKLYAR “Vasya-Sovest” Soyuz Music 


Did he know of the White Revolution to plan the stylish designed face of the new album? It’s sovest (conscience), not “Soviet”. Ex-Va Bank punk-core outfit, the baldhead rough-voiced shouter is up with a totally unlikely, by western standards, that is – album of at least couple (#4, 5, 8, 11) listen-able symph-staged balladeer tracks. Sklyar’s exactly following in Jean Ferrat’s footsteps unawares whenever he is not spitting a forced anger or simulated gipsy romance, that is. The concept admittedly dwells on a writer Pelevin novel but, luckily enough, an expat is relieved of carrying this cross too. Tune in the mood, that’s all.


KOROL I SHOOT “Todd” digipac Soyuz Music

Oh Yeah!

No relation to the Broadway production, the conceptual Russian proper rock-opera version is even more sinister and spiteful in deploring “bug-filled buns for London elite” and smacking the “blood-pink necklace” by the ruthless murderer Sweeney Todd. Ably presented by mature voiced theatre actor Smekhov and featuring Kinchev of veteran Alisa rock-band, the program does reward with at least one surefire rock’n’roller, doo-ops, upbeat et al – at track 3. Vocal and instrumental parts by KiSh are eventful, exemplary in every respect. Well worth the trouble of seeking out and taking out into the world.


GORILLAZ “Singles Collection 2001—2011” EMI/Gala (Rus)


It doesn’t actually matter what or how accurately comprised this 15-track 10-year jubilation or how rudely remixed are the couple of remixed. The criticism leveled at the outfit, on the occasion and off, is so damn fierce and elaborate, that little justice remains to be done. Perhaps, this: Gorillaz have been as stupid and insipid an act as their individual “easy come easy go” careers imply. It’s miles behind Irma’s acid-jazz cult releases, nowhere near Blur’s proper heritage and far-fetched in toggling in some revered public names. It’s overproduced, under-everything else and it’s rapped at an early stage. Thumbs down for Albarn’s pick of partners also. Apart from the odd breed of Japanese, few humans like G. But if you missed on the catalog altogether – here’s one-in-a-lifetime chance to grab all-in-one. Darn cheap in Russian edition.




Lauderdale’s cheeky PM orchestra here teams up with the Jap lady singer who best be described as Soviet Estrada programmed. Long folded in Russia and taken over to flourish  Eastwards, the characteristic staid and predictable pattern has since conquered quite a number of admirer collectors, world over. Are you one? Ain’t no Soviet pop rendered here but Jap and couple of English pops of the era. Commendable for the onseting festive season’s homestead. Peculiar in West-Jap-Russian sound impressed on the inexpensive release.


PETER GABRIEL “New Blood”  limited 2СD ed., Realworld / EMI (ЕU)

Oh Yeah!

Having been around a lot, Gabriel must have realized what an under-achiever were both Genesis and ethnic Realworld. Stumbling on an orchestral rich last, he now gives the formula full vent – shoving any exotic paraphernalia. He leaves much air alright and brings in a female voice to augment his own, against the lush Grieg-meets-Prokofiev complexity from winds and strings. He doesn’t trip once in this ordeal coming on top ever fresh and husky sexy. “Red Rain” pumps the latter idiom, if you were doubting. 3 numbers down yet you’re mesmerized by odder still verse and wilder dynamics. That, to amazement, would be even more pronounced in the instrumental version CD on the luxury set. Gab’s voice part is handled by able oboe and viola players. Dig, enjoy and easily dismiss your collection of classic music.          


TIZIANO FERRO “L’amore e una cosa semplice” digipak, booklet, EMI (Italy)


Italy’s most recent contributor and the upcoming “Eurovision chicken” sensation, Tiziano is in his 2nd year of contract output with EMI int’l monster. The way EMI chose to survive the download foolery shows both in the youngster’s image and vocal quality. It’s Italian proper so far the romantic zeal goes, and it’s sorta “all-in-one” (or nowhere, if you will) in terms of falling inbetween Ramazzotti and Drupi into boyband-gone-brave domain somewhere. No immediate radio hit betrayed here, but the beat does come of age with track progression so scoop up ’em all, and J.Legend appearance to boot.


SERGA “Priroda Svoboda I Lubov” digipak Soyuz Music (Rus)


If you ever cared for the 70s’ Polish pop or wondered about a beatlesque Russian strummers  – this is the thing. Lyrics a somewhat pretentious drag, the latest from local pop’s shrewd survivor Sergei Galanin (hence the name) is okay as background conversing stuff when your mom visits. It’s when you let it sink in that the psyche protests. The sort of club release – the album poses full mainstream and, if sponsored, airwave destined in our parts.


SINATRA “Best Of The Best” digipak EMI/Gala (Rus)


Peculiar simplified Rus edition is collector-bound due to the live 2nd CD off and the booklet being locally scaled-down job too. Oh and the dry sound quality typical of local pressings. While ugly output of local music (and plants) lost in Russia’s wasteland have seized to capture attention, name international artists’ revamps still do. This full-fledged license combines the pre- and pro-Reprise eras in dramatic 2011 remaster that gets the parties upfront and the aura going hung. “Somethin’ Stupid” responds with plastic strings and compressed highs on Nancy’s contribution but you forgive.


PINK FLOYD “The Best Of. A Foot In The Door” digipac booklet EMI/Gala (Rus)


Taking issue with Allmusic I’d say there’s no shortage of semi-official compilations on CD should you visit a flea market at Lianozovo, Moscow. The release was made special and fresh by the psych design – the text-less booklet especially – as well as by reshuffling tracks from where they belonged in the respective albums. Choice of opener is odd while the zenith’s “Crazy Diamond” is stashed for later on. Special to the Russian release is perhaps the carton quality and the press – sharp but, well, Russian.  



The Lovers Guide 3D

Educative, 2011 CP Digital (Rus), 3D side of 2-sided disk w/color glasses


 Well, originally I was reserved benevolent writing like this: “Expats in Russia (attn Mickey Rourke!), celebrate – the sensational controversy of yesteryears in US has now reached Russia on local license DVD and in newly produced and re-enacted movie. New cast, new everything including the facial expressions and bed behaviours. If you still ain’t got it in download – the disk is cheaper and no fuss. Russian escorts and mates (and wives) are superior, so this piece of cynical “guide” won’t be wasted. Or will it?” Well, I’d rather leave the closing short snap of the entire passage now, 2 weeks later. I also nodded my recent joining the LinkedIn web-community of pro’s with ...er, adopting holier stance with regard to the big-time big body bonanza. And finally here’s the 3rd, post-cool-down judgment: it’s downright boring, tight-lip Americanized  and a turn-off. I won’t be more elaborate – not in the bonafide capacity of mine.             

Note: This English section is permanently improved. For added review positions visit Russian page of the same.

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