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Вторник, 22 Декабрь 2015, 15:01
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Beatle new year's

Event's advance poster for sale to collectors by request

Event's advance poster for sale to collectors by request

What, another formal expat close-in at embassy premises? Not a second time! The nice Paris-styled Ogorod eatery at Prospekt Mira (Moscow) welcomes all, expats, travelers and locals, at no-nonsense Beatle party at beggar's fee of 600 Russian Rubles (under 10 USD). Better book  your table to avoid rush — that's an Optimal Variant headliner event, and the beatlesque veteran band relives its savior's second coming at these uneasy mean times of ours.

Optimal Vartiant's picturesque bassman A.Lipnitsky, a bona fide influential big beat promoter in town, sees that only the best gets on the bandstand on the night. That means, in terms of Russian scene, no nonsense English lyric mouthing, exact (or superior to the original!) musicianship and in fact the memories you will cherish dearly. Nothing in town, not at all Crocus bigtiming, amounts to the excitement of these days Beatlemania. Conversely, artists' civic social protest and bitter nostalgia find way in their amazing performing technique. Beatlemania in Russia, unlike elsewhere, is preaching unreserved faith and love (!) to things British... and west European/American. They call to return on the golen hi-fi era of early 70s when, under Brezhnev, pop music idelism took over.

You, whether from India or Argentine (served with a mint cocktail or gas water) , will  «be as one» on the night in the nondescrete company of good-will Russians to the sounds from:
– Dans Ramblers: the harder rocking longtimer trio with some great deafening and exact drummer, with a taste for Everlys material,
– BeatLove: acknowledged Russia's best ever impersonator of classic Beatles antics, sound and manners. Unbeatable danceable live. Official Beatlemania endorsers courtesy Sony Music.
– GoodSun Band:  surprise of recent Lennon birthday convention, one Sergei Gutsan with awesome crafty lineup to take Lennon material that one inch ahead.
– Olga Egorova: mandolin debut

beat1Normally, there's no peace in music related local media which is starved of able journalism. This time around they join hands, not compete, in support of the event, non-politically:, The official Russian Beatles Club, Radio Echo Moscow's Ilynsky late night review, Radio Kultura, online  М24 — and myself.

Largely it's no profit for the musicians and promoters alike, which is indeed a hard claim on their jobless position, but special guests and chance surprises are planned.

Ogorod bar and club in Moscow: 29.12.2015,  8 pm, vicinity of Prospekt Mira metro station, Prospekt Mira ave, 30 bld.2. Tel. 8 (963) 712-12-34. Advance and inquiries: 8 (910) 409-17-43

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