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hdgfThis is addressing the many bonafide sympathizers the world over. Those who know they been benefiting by this lone wolf writer and wish him well. ‘Cos there seem to be too many those who ain’t. Use the link or – till accessible – copy and paste the address direct to get to the damn world encyclopedia that’s been promoting RT and more outward phoney or corrupt entities from these parts of the globe. It’s up to your, good reader, effort to upload the earnest smart indie on Wiki. No sweat – you’ll see the ready (and Wiki-discarded!) article on Vladimir Yelbaev. What you’re humbly requested to do is to actually understand what those ugly Wiki mugs want more, going by their “comment” or “criticism”. Me I couldn’t.

The presently active address is:

With every excuse in case the above address’s been curbed and with hope cherished that the reader will upload a version of his own, credible enough for Wiki editors,


Vladimir Yelbaev,

April '12, pvt Moscow apt.

P.S. As I’ve been — apparently balloting for the next presidency — applying for the multi-millionaire M.Prokhorov’s new political party membership — you are welcome to express support by flooding his mailbox  or his office with letters of recommendation. There’s every danger my persona will be shoved in favor of some utter career-sick good-for-nothin’.

P.P.S. Below — both versions submited which were however "borrowed " for breaking in one footballer Yelbayev Artur and which you can just read like you were indeed visiting the wise Wiki.

The Yelbaev Tribune

The Yelbaev Tribune – online blog in Russian and English languages, styled and designed to imitate a conventional newspaper, on original domain. Deals primarily with the subject of consumer hi-fi gear and music media by reviewing those. Since its inception in 2005 produced solely by journalist Vladimir Yelbaev, himself ex-trade magazines. Initially launched as part of Multimedia Club online project – YT subsequently drifted apart as an undertaking by former Multimedia Club’s employees, Yelbaev included. Added bi-weekly with Yelbaev’s archive reviews as well as own penned regular original material in English and Russian, YT is one, albeit non-registered, in a row of hi-fi/music dedicated online resources operating from Russia for quite some time, and the only one having special English   section. As some proof of relevance, YT’s reviews have been, since circa 2008 till date, doubled on the site of political journalist personality Vladimir Soloviev as himself endorser of Bowers & Wilkins audio brand, as stated therein.  There are links from Italy  as well.


The Yelbaev Tribune » The Italian Van Der Graaf  (published in Russian)

The Yelbaev Tribune » Paolo Tofani: the door keeper, the key master

The Yelbaev Tribune » HiFi Diamond Cable Test

External links

Vladimir A. Yelbaev

Vladimir A. Yelbaev (Russian: Елбаев, b.1951, Kazakhstan, USSR, an Ossetian national) is a Russian Federation / Moscow based consummate writer, reviewer and journalist of admittedly high impact and repercussion with the readership, output both in (native, Oxford) English and local Russian languages.

Background, experience:

  • Moscow Linguistic University (The M.Torez Moscow State Institute of Foreign Languages)
  • APN (Novosti Press Agency)
  • Deputy chief, APN Bureau in South India
  • local English press’ stints: The Moscow Times, The Moscow Tribune, Exile, Moscow Guardian
  • hi-fi media stints: Novaya Ezhenedelnaya Gazeta (first local case of consumer hi-fi reviewed), Stereo & Video, AudioMagazine, Hi-Fi Club, C News (RBC), Cifrovik
  • Radio programs: Radio Rossii (YelBC Show), Radio Yunost (Revolutsia Yelbaeva), Business Wave Radio (Backtrack music requests, in English)
  • Main music press stints: Urlight and Contr-cult-ura underground journals, Sdvig (by Moscow Rock Lab), Nedelya, Music Box,  Legioneer Weekly
  • Own projects: Drive magazine and Red Rose newspaper on rock music, Ye-missia newsletter, The Yelbaev Tribune online review portal.  

Focal points: circa 1990s’- 4 to 5 year columnist with “Stereo & Video” (Russia) monthly and “The Moscow Tribune” English weekly, these days – own page of dedicated and socially conscious hi-fi reviews on the site of the well-known journalist Vladimir Soloviev. That latest mission of Yelbaev’s is sponsored by Bowers & Wilkins audio brand of UK.

Referring hi-fi, VY figured as the first (presumably, sole) Russian reviewer individual to enjoy Sony Head Office endorsed PR budget, while also working for Sony’s immediate competition at the time, Panasonic, via their Prior marketing agency in Russia. VY’s writing was at one time credited with NAD and Straight Wire brands’ meaningful local success.

VY was, as one-off copywriter and corporate website editor    ,  responsible for high attendance to the online catalog of Rosbri company’s English-made luxury interior goods.

Of his string of personal projects, The Yelbaev Tribune online review portal (albeit non-registered as media) looms large. It highlights        a latter ambition – that of fiction novelist writer, albeit, under trademark style moniker.

While anti-Yelbaev leveled animosity or outright abhorrence are also a fact, this persona does exert influence, spawn clones and maintain following. Having been around a lot to recount, VY now collaborates with selected media and hi-fi / music trade, while thousands of his current or archive reviews cross the web and pass hands. For practical purpose, Vladimir Yelbaev presents a highly productive, quite credible and decidedly imaginative source of writing of the scope far beyond his immediate competence. 

References — reproduced audio test (English) – columnist page at V.Soloviev’s site\  — Il Blues, Mama’s Pit  album review – column at 

External links — biography (Russian) – Amazon profile (English) — adhoc fanclub (Russian) — followers vs adversaries forum (Russian) — facebook — The Yelbaev Tribune


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